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Singapore autonomous robotics manufacturer seeking European...
created · Updated
Deadline: May 7, 2022
Received 0 expressions of interest


The Singapore-based company, founded by four roboticists dedicated to the development of autonomous mobile robots for material movement automation, is looking for a new extensive network of partners in the international market. The company is looking for partners to distribute their products in the European market via a distribution service agreement.


The Singapore-based company, founded in 2017, is a robotics startup manufacturer that creates heavy-duty autonomous mobile robots to automate point-to-point goods movement for the logistics and manufacturing industries.

The invented robots can move pallets and other payloads weighing between 300 and 1000 kg and are designed to be implemented in new facilities with minimal changes to existing infrastructure. This allows businesses of all sizes to implement automation without disrupting their current operations.

This Singapore-based company offers industrial robots, which are self-driving mobile robots that automate material movement in the manufacturing and warehousing industries. At facilities, the autonomous robots automate point-to-point goods movement. It is designed to operate in a collaborative environment with human operators. Three different types of industrial robots are available. In warehouses, lifter unit robots are used to automate the movement of pallets or shelves. To allow versatility in the products transported, base unit robots are used to integrate and customise the loading module. Conveyor unit robots are used to automate parcel sorting and packing in the manufacturing and warehousing processes.

The indoor mobile robot is another form of robot available, and it is designed for robot operating system learning, teaching, and research. To satisfy a variety of needs, the robot can be easily customised with a variety of sensors and accessories. The robot's open source software packages allow it to be used for a wide range of applications, from advanced robotics research to high school robotics classes. The robot is based on the open-source robot operating system, which allows for the development of custom modules. With the aid of comprehensive documentation and tutorials, the robot is extremely simple to set up, use, and customise further.

In addition, the company has built a rugged mobile robot for use in outdoor research. The robot's operating system is also based on the robot operating system platform. The robot is designed to be all-terrain, allowing users to use it in real-life situations. Sensors, modules, and manipulators that are compatible with the robot's operating system can be easily incorporated into the robot.

In terms of distribution, the Singapore company is looking for reputable partners in the European market. The Singapore company is looking for European robotics industry partners to help distribute its products in the European market through a distribution service agreement.

Advantages & innovations

Flexibility - The company offers robots that can be set up and deployed in a matter of hours with little to no modifications to existing infrastructure. This saves companies money on upfront costs while allowing them to scale the automation process as their company expands. Customisable - The Singapore company understands that each business faces its own set of operational challenges. The Singapore company will only focus on delivering a fully personalised automation solution to customers by leveraging in-house capabilities and a network of partners. Cost-effective - The company knows that technological solutions can only add value if they are made affordable. As a result, the Singapore company aims to improve the product and technology in order to provide the most value to customers. Aside from developing robots, the company also operates a training program to teach robotics and related technology to the workforce and students.

Stage of development


Partner sought

The Singapore company is looking for European partners to distribute their products in the European market. The partner should be a company in the robotics industry with relevant experience in robotic products and services. Partners who are well connected to logistics companies, educational institutions, and research institutions will be welcomed. The partnership is achieved via a distribution services agreement.

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Latest Opportunities
    Project full name: EIT Food Public Engagement Proof of Concepts Call for Proposals 2023, 2024, 2025
    Project acronym: EIT Food PE PoC Call 2023, 2024, 2025
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