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Russian company engaged in the search for IT specialists is...
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Deadline: Dec 1, 2022
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A Russian company from Moscow focuses on highly qualified IT specialists. These specialists are ready to produce and develop software for various industries as part of outsourcing. The company is interested in finding foreign partners who need Russian specialists. The company is ready to cooperate on the basis of an outsourcing agreement.


The Russian company from Moscow was founded in 2003. Over the years of its existence in the market, the company has been a leader in the search for highly qualified personnel in the field of IT technologies. For almost 20 years of successful work in this market segment, the company has earned an impeccable business reputation and helped a lot of the companies. The Russian company has established itself in the selection of IT specialists not only for Russian companies but also for foreign ones.

The company offers its services for the search of IT specialists. Specialists are selected according to the strict requirements and characteristics of employers. Each specialist must go through several stages of choosing and interviewing. Interviews and evaluations of candidates are conducted by programmers of the appropriate level and give a technical task to perform, to assess the candidate's level.
The company uses more than 30 evaluation tools for the selection and selection of candidates. All the specialists who are chosen have knowledge of foreign languages at a good level. Specialists are able to create and develop various software for any field. Specialists have their own accumulated portfolio and knowledge and ability to work in the main technical and IT programs.
The company selects developers, system programmers, as well as web designers, and other IT specialists in a short time.

The company is interested in finding partners from the IT sector, which requires qualified programmers, web designers, developers of various software. The Russian company is ready to conclude outsourcing agreements with a potential partner. Within the framework of this agreement, the Russian company, in accordance with the specified requirements and indicators of the partner, will choose a candidate who fits all the parameters. In addition, the candidate will be ready to work with a foreign company in the IT field. The entire recruitment process will take place openly, with the possibility of making edits from the partner. The company is also ready to provide services for drafting contracts with the candidate. As a result of this agreement, the Russian company will be able to provide a comprehensive service to a foreign partner and conclude new long-term agreements.

Advantages & innovations

- For faster and more reliable work, negotiations between companies will not be with a sales manager, but a high-level technical specialist. - The company is looking for candidates daily and around the clock, and the company also interviews up to 500 people a day. - Detailed reports on the selection process in real-time are sent daily to a potential partner. - The company has its own selected database with more than 10 thousand candidates.

Stage of development

Already on the market

Partner sought

Type: SME, large companies, companies in need of new highly qualified personnel, companies developing complex software. Role: A potential partner will send a detailed technical specification for the selection of the appropriate candidate. The partner can also participate in negotiations with candidates and approve them.

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