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A Korean healthcare company offering self-diagnosis services...
created · Updated
Deadline: Nov 9, 2022
Received 0 expressions of interest


A Korean healthcare company, specializing in a self-diagnosis through artificial intelligence, has developed a digital healthcare system. It offers a self-diagnosis software along with self-care gadgets to measure and monitor the body’s conditions within 10 minutes. The company is seeking partners to expand its business to the EU market under distribution services or subcontracting agreements.


A Korean healthcare company offers self-diagnosis services in 800 locations, including Seoul City, the Ministry of governments, hospitals, and global company offices. It provides 2 types of applications to measure the body’s conditions. These are personal gadgets and public kiosk booths to check and monitor body composition, eyes, stress level, cholesterol, height, temperature, and brain blood flow within 10 minutes by implementing the self-diagnosis through artificial intelligence (AI). Its data and the system can also be applied to the non-face-to-face health management services, offering the potential patients’ information to weight loss clinics, rehabilitations, or chronic-care centers.

The Korean company is looking for distributors interested in the self-diagnosis services to expand its business to the European market for selling its applications under distribution services agreements. The company is also seeking hospitals, government agencies, insurance companies under subcontracting agreements to improve the public health by implementing the new technology. It is offering the actual booths and self-care gadgets to set up in the public organizations based on customer needs. The company already has the ability to prepare for expanding the European market to offer its products and services since it has experience in entering the foreign market such as Indonesia and Chile.

Advantages & innovations

The company’s healthcare applications, such as the kiosk booths and the personal gadgets, have the following advantages and innovative features as follows: - The innovative analysis system through AI is built on case-based reasoning (CBR) and designed to classify autonomous human condition rates. - Through an R&D center, personal data from medical institutions, insurance companies are gathered - The users can receive more accurate self-diagnosis services and quicker measure body conditions within 10 minutes through the advanced healthcare solution. - The innovative self-diagnosis through AI would contribute to the positive effects of the healthcare environment over the world. The company has established a public kiosk booth in 800 locations in Korea and has had several contracts with sovereign entities in 2019. It has also offered 500 kiosk booths to government offices as well.

Stage of development

Already on the market

Partner sought

Type of Partner Sought: Distributors, insurance companies, government (Ministry of Health and Welfare) & private institutions, and hospitals. The ideal distributors should have strong knowledge and experience in healthcare and/or insurance services and the ability to support the sales and marketing activities of the company’s items. They are also willing to address problems from the potential partners and would like to work together to create new solutions. Due to the complex nature of the software and self-care gadgets , it is not possible for the them to simply be “distributed” by the partner, rather the software and self-care gadgets must be customized for each individual customer as well as the fact that engineers must directly go to the facility to take other data measurements. And the company is also seeking its partners under subcontracting agreements to improve the public health by implementing the new technology.

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