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A Turkish SME is looking for manufacturing agreement on coat...
created · Updated
Deadline: Nov 19, 2021
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A Turkish start-up focusing on development of innovative solar panels is looking for manufacturing agreement with gravure coating equipment manufacturers. The company is willing to puchase one unit of equipment for its R&D facility and is open to manufacturing agreements for further collaboration.


The Turkish start-up is located in Düzce, in the West Black Sea region of Turkey. The start-up was founded in Düzce Technopark as an academic spin-off and funded by the most prestigious grant by the Turkish government. The company not only aims to transfer the research outputs to viable products but also continues developing OLED based technologies for innovative solar panels.

The requested product under a manufacturing agreement is a coating equipment, preferably a benchtop model or a pilot scale equipment with a small footprint. The equipment will be used to coat the solar cells manufactured by the company. The main features desired are:
1. Thermal drying
2. Strip coating
3. UV curing functions
4. Roll diameter greater than 30 mm
5. Roll length greater than 160 mm
6. Coating thickness between 1-200 um
7. Coating speed at least 3m/min

The company is currently willing to purchase one unit under a manufacturing agreement but is open to further business depending on performance of the equipment and after sales services by the manufacturer.

The start-up is already familiar with coating equipment, however prefers user friendly equipment.

Advantages & innovations

The requested product is expected to have the following functions: small footprint, thermal drying, strip coating and UV curing functions. Forward and reverse rolling function would be an advantage. The company is also open to offers from university based technologies and innovative solutions with prototype level products. The company is also open to providing feedback regarding the coating performance if the manufacturer plans to further develop its design.

Stage of development

Already on the market

Partner sought

The partner sought is ideally manufacturer or supplier of gravure coating equipment suitable for solar cells. Partners from both established industrial manufacturers and academic spin-offs are welcome. The partner is expected to provide after sales services and spare parts for the equipment within the manufacturing agreement.

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