Leader in Digital Cleaning Training Seeks Strategic Partnerships in Europe
Deadline: Dec 13, 2024
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Company based in Sweden, is a pioneering force in digital cleaning training, specializing in e-learning for cleaners, supervisors, and clients. With a proven track record since 1994 and a recent foray into international markets, companyseeks strategic partnerships in Europe.


The Swedish company, has been a prominent figure in the education sector, particularly in providing digital cleaning training since 1994. The company offers other education services, with a notable presence in the cleaning industry . While The companys primary market has been Sweden, recent ventures into Finland and Norway, showcase the company's growth trajectory. The core product offered by the company is digital cleaning training through e-learning, catering to cleaners, supervisors, and clients. With over 20 courses developed since 2016 and a user base of more than 12,000 participants, The companies vocational training serves as preparation for cleaning exams in Sweden and Finland. The uniqueness of their offering lies in cloud-based courses supplemented by employer-specific supervisors, fostering effective workplace learning. The company actively contributes to several Sustainable Development Goals, including poverty alleviation, good health and well-being, quality education, clean water and sanitation, decent work and economic growth, and responsible consumption and production. The company's commitment to social sustainability is evident in creating safer work environments, promoting proper cleaning practices, and reducing the environmental impact of cleaning processes. The company is currently seeking strategic partnerships in Finland and Norway, with secondary targets in English-speaking countries. The aim is to establish commercial agreements, outsourcing partnerships, and supplier agreements with entities already involved in cleaning training or education. The company envisions a partnership where its courses are sold by motivated partners who contribute to the ongoing transformation and adaptation of the training content to suit the specific needs of different markets.

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