Swedish SME offers washable absorbent period-pants, underwear and textiles for men and women
Deadline: Dec 13, 2024
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Swedish SME in the hygiene sector produces washable re-usable absorbent underwear helping people with little leaks such as incontinence (urine escape due to bladder weakness) or other forms of leakage during periods or pregnancy. Compared to disposable products they are environmentally sustainable, less costly, providing a sense of normalisation and comfort for users. The SME is looking for sales agents, retailers, distributors interested in entering business collaboration agreements


The company was founded in 2014 in cooperation with the Swedish School of Textiles and developed underwear that absorbed urine without leakage to other garments. Today, the main market is Germany where underwear are sold via a distributor. The company is also selling online products through its own website to consumers within EU. The product is washable and re-usable and it looks and feels as ordinary underwear for everyday use. The product withstands at least 100 times washing cycles at 60°C without losing function or shape. Current assortment for female products include: - 3 style hip-heights, plus one for mamas - Variety of sizes from XS to XXL - With or without lace - 2 levels of absorption - Various colour choices - Period pants (under development) Male product specifications: - 1 boxer style - Sizes from XS to XXL - One level of absorption - Black colour The fabrics are mainly from EU and the production is carried out in EU. Since the garments are more or less sewn manually, the production is quite flexible. Hence, the company can handle orders from small quantities to thousands of pieces and models. The company is looking for partners interested in entering into a business agreement, primarily with retailers, distributors and dealers. The company is also looking for partners interested in finance agreements, joint venture agreements and mergers and acquisition.

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