EIT Food Public Engagement Proof of Concepts Call for Proposals 2023, 2024, 2025 (submission window 3)
Deadline: Aug 15, 2024
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Project full name: EIT Food Public Engagement Proof of Concepts Call for Proposals 2023, 2024, 2025
Project acronym: EIT Food PE PoC Call 2023, 2024, 2025
Grant agreement number: N/A
Total EU funding available: €360 000 per submission window (total for 3 rounds: €1 380 000)
By the date of the Calls’ launches a webpage will be activated at eitfood.eu/projects/public-engagement-proof-of-concepts-call


During each submission window, the Call process will require the submission of one proposal. Proposals that meet all the eligibility requirements will be evaluated by for external experts. Based on the final overall scoring the successful proposals will be selected and candidates informed by EIT Food.

EIT Food is looking for innovative public engagement project ideas with the potential for societal impact, to be tested in a Proof of Concept (PoC) phase. 

A Proof of Concept is a scoping exercise to test whether an idea, a certain concept or approach when turned into reality, would bring societal impact as envisioned.

Topics selected for the Proofs of Concepts should support EIT Food’s vision: a world where everyone can access and enjoy sustainable, safe, and healthy food – with trust and fairness from farm to fork. 

EIT Food is working towards these four Impact Goals: 

The PoC project ideas should have an aim to: 

Via this call, EIT Food offers an opportunity for individual organisations or small consortia to spend sufficient time on testing and demonstrating the relevance of the proposed approach for establishing the societal impact feasibility of the idea.

Important: Please note that applicants are responsible for checking the EIT FOOD-KIC grant website page for updated information related to this Call. This webpage will be launched by the date of the calls’ launch: eitfood.eu/projects/public-engagement-proof-of-concepts-call

Amendments to the Guidelines and inclusion of Frequently Asked Questions may be issued.

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