BUS4U - Monitoring of urban public transport
In the current transport system, the mobility of people is characterized by the constant use of private vehicles and by the operational and financial difficulties of public transport systems.

This has led to the emergence of numerous critical factors, such as growing congestion, the increase in accidents and the worsening of pollution, whose current levels are inexorably reflected on the quality of life of each citizen.

The improvement and growth of the public transport service, more efficient in quality and safety, in parallel with a decrease in the use of private transport, certainly represents one of the quickest and most effective solutions to reverse this negative trend.

The goal of the BUS4U Living Lab is to satisfy:
1. user mobility needs, with an improvement in the real and perceived quality of the service;
2. the needs of efficient management by public transport service providers;
3. the needs of efficient public administration management,
creating a healthy living environment for citizens starting from an offer of transport services that reduce the use of private cars.

BUS4U provides for the use of sensors aligned with the state of the art and the market and will involve individuals relating to the end user as active sensors for reporting problems on the routes and any proposals for improving the service.
The direct and indirect repercussions deriving from the implementation of the system will materialize;
• in the acquisition of new users by collective transport;
• in reducing the use of private mobility;
• in the reduction of pollution and congestion of inhabited areas.







Market show more show less

  • Scientific computers
  • Network test, monitoring and support equipment
  • Metering and monitoring
  • Manufacturing,industrial software

Technology show more show less

  • Computer Software

GreenDeal show more show less

  • Demonstration of innovative critical technologies to enable future large-scale deployment of offshore renewable energy technologies (with the possibility to address also hydrogen applications)