Dutch SME that has developed a VR and EMDR application for mental health care is seeking a technical cooperation agreement with a German university that can conduct scientific validated research.
Deadline: Sep 14, 2024
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A Dutch SME specializing in mental health has pioneered applications that leverage VR and EMDR, along with exposure and relaxation techniques, to augment therapists' interventions for mental health concerns. These applications are designed to be utilized by patients at home, bridging the gap between therapeutic sessions. The company is looking for a technical collaboration agreement with a German university to undertake scientifically validated research.


Established in 2017, the Dutch SME has pioneered a sophisticated suite of mental health applications tailored for therapeutic utilization. Their portfolio currently encompasses several virtual reality (VR) solutions: EMDR-VR: Autonomous EMDR facilitated through VR. EMDR-plus: VR-enabled guided EMDR. 360 Video: A library of over 500 VR videos for exposure and relaxation. Relaxation VR. Medical Hypnosis VR. Moreover, an exclusive online solution is also available: EMDR-remote: Online EMDR therapy. Drawing from evidence-based methodologies, each of these solutions has been crafted in close collaboration with licensed psychologists and reputable mental health institutions. Furthermore, these applications have undergone rigorous validation with their respective end-users. One of the distinct advantages of these applications is their design for at-home use, enabling patients to engage with therapeutic resources between sessions. This not only expedites patient recovery but also alleviates the demands placed on therapists. As part of its strategic market entry into Germany, the company seeks validation of its application by a recognized German university or research institution, intending to secure endorsement from German mental health practitioners. The client is in pursuit of a technical research alliance with a German academic or research entity capable of performing robust, scientifically validated studies. An ideal collaborator would possess a rich background in mental healthcare, software development, and EMDR/VR. Direct access to the key demographic (therapists) and end-users would be an added advantage. In return, the client commits to equipping the partner with all requisite resources and expert consultancy.

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