EIT Health Flagship Call (2nd intake)
Deadline: Mar 1, 2023
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Total EU funding available: €19 000 000


The Flagship Call will have three intakes. Each intake will have 2-stage proposals (short and full proposals). A full proposal may only be submitted if the short proposal passes the relevant evaluation rounds. Guidance can be found here.

EIT Health is launching a call for cross-pillar activities for each of the flagships described below along with the type of activities that may apply to each. Please see the EIT Health Flagship Calls page for details.

Flagship: New models to deliver healthcare

As society continues to evolve, so do our healthcare systems. This flagship will look at how we might start to define new models to deliver healthcare and implement robust analysis of databases that are already in place. At the centre of this will be the concept of value-based healthcare, where success measures are based on patient outcomes and the shift from treatment to prevention.

Types of Activities that may apply:

Flagship: Facilitating the uptake of Digital Medical Devices & Diagnostics

This flagship aims to support the digital health transformation in Europe and will focus on the development of, and access to, digital health medical devices. It will also explore how we transform, harmonise, and strengthen the use of Digital Medical Devices (DMD) around:

(i) The prescription and reimbursement in EU countries for already certified medical devices

(ii) The harmonisation of clinical trial protocol design to ensure the replicability and consistency of medical outcomes between member states for faster reimbursement.

Types of Activities that may apply:

Flagship: Harnessing the full potential of health data for Innovation

This flagship will support the implementation of the European Health Data Space. The flagship will enable us to unleash the full potential of health data for innovation by exploring the secondary use of data. And moreover, for the development of technologies or solutions that deliver outcomes that matter to patients. It will also look at how we train and develop patients, citizens, and healthcare professionals to understand the importance and relevance of data sharing in informing and improving the continuum of care pathways.

Who is this call for?

This call is open to anyone with an interest in healthcare innovation:

You do not need to be an existing EIT Health Partner to apply, but you must submit a final proposal with existing core or associate Partners and you will be requested to enter the partnership if you are selected for significant funding in the next years.

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Supporting documents

To support the opening of this call we have the following assets to assist you:

Call document annexes

Here you can access all of the annexes referred to in the call document:

Any questions?

If you are not a core or associate Partner of EIT Health and are interested in applying for any of the flagship activities, or simply want to find out more, please contact: flagships@eithealth.eu

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