Well-established German producer of liquid nutritional supplements including drinkable collagen products is looking for distribution partners and offers its services on a subcontracting basis
Deadline: Mar 24, 2024
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A globally acting German producer of liquid nutritional supplements wants to intensify its market presence in Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Spain and France. Products include high-quality collagen drinks and other liquid functional food such as vitamin and omega 3 plus formulas. Products are offered under the company's label and via subcontracting as private label agreements. Potential partners are wholesalers and general importers. Cooperation is based on a distribution agreement or subcontracting.


A well-established German company with around 40 years experience in the production of liquid nutritional supplements in the field of health and beauty aids offers calcium & magnesium, royal jelly & omega 3 plus and multivitamin (vitamine B complex) drinks as well as drinkable collagen products. Newly introduced are collagen powder sachets. These nutritional supplements aim at increasing body’s own resistance in a natural way and supporting anti-aging effects and general well-being. The products meet highest quality and product safety standards. The family-owned company holds an ISO 9001:2015 certification and a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) license and steers its processes according to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). All products are “Made in Germany” and consist of raw materials from EU and Non-EU countries with specified food quality. Genetically modified organisms, nano-materials and hormons are not used. Due to the liquid dosage form, the vitamins are better absorbed by the body than via tablets or capsules. In addition this dosage form is more user-friendly and therefore also suitable for elderly people and children (no choking hazard). The nutritional supplements are available in different product sizes and filled in 500, 200, 30 and 10 ml glass and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. The company offers its products under its own label (distribution service agreement) and private label agreements (sub-contracting). Export accounts for 90 percent of sales. The company is engaged in European markets. Asia, the Middle East and South and Central America are in particular focus. Partners are wholesalers. Products are made to order. Depending on the order quantity the company can deliver world-wide within four to eight weeks. Top sellers are collagen drink ampoules with different formulas for a better skin, pain-free joints and healthy hair. To best meet the customers’ needs the company offers to produce individual formula and packages under private label agreements. To better reach new promising markets, the company is looking primarily for new partners in Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Spain and France, as well as possibly worldwide. Currently no cooperation interest is in the Middle East, as market presence is already strong. Partners can be wholesalers and retailers.

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