A Belgian startup is seeking a robust Bluetooth button for hands-free mobile interactions in manufacturing industries
Deadline: Jun 7, 2024
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A Belgian startup seeks a robust, 3-5 keys Bluetooth button compliant with GATT Bluetooth norms, preferably battery-operated. The button is used for hands-free interaction with mobile devices during manual operations in manufacturing industries. It aims to control all interactions with the button, including when the smartphone screen is off. The company is open to partnering with a finished product provider, a device manufacturer/distributor, or a co-development partner.


The company is an innovative Belgian startup specializing in connected wearable technologies aimed at enhancing the safety, comfort, and efficiency of employees within businesses. The startup has developed a cutting-edge wearable device in the form of connected glasses. These glasses are specifically designed to deliver relevant information to users in their peripheral field of vision, thereby ensuring that their primary attention remains on their main task. The technology underpinning the device is assisted reality (aR), a subset of augmented reality that focuses on aiding operators without significantly distracting them from their main activities. The device comes with a Bluetooth API that allows easy and rapid communication with a range of devices, such as computers, smartphones, or portable keypads. The device consists of an optical module that's worn in the peripheral field of vision, projecting textual or visual data depending on the specific application. The device is worn with a headband and can accommodate different users, whether they wear glasses or not. It consists of an optical prism for image projection, a removable battery, and a casing that controls all the electronic components. The Bluetooth button the company seeks to integrate with the device is a pivotal component in ensuring the solution's efficacy and usability. This button will function as a user interface for users to interact with the software without having to physically engage with a secondary device, such as a smartphone or a portable keypad. This hands-free operation is crucial in many manufacturing processes where manual operations are repetitive and require both hands. By allowing users to send commands or validate operations with a simple button press, this Bluetooth button will further enhance the ease of use and convenience that the device provides. The button will interact with the smartphone even when its screen is off, contributing to practical and efficient use. The Bluetooth remote will act as a bridge between the user and the glasses, reinforcing the user's control over the data flow and enhancing their overall experience. For example, it is used to advance through a slide show presentation or to navigate through a list of operations stored on a smartphone. This coalescence of simplicity, convenience, and technological advancement is at the heart of what makes the company's solution unique and promising. The company is keen on partnering with an entity that can provide a finished Bluetooth button product or collaborate on its development. Emphasizing on European manufacturing or assembly, the company foresees a demand for hundreds of devices annually, further underlining the pressing need for this innovative solution. In a nutshell, the company blends innovation with practicality, delivering a solution that genuinely improves the user experience and efficiency in the workplace.

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