French company seeks a supplier of high-resolution turbidimeters under distribution agreement, for use as online turbidity measurement in private swimming pools water
Deadline: May 26, 2024
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A French SME seeks a supplier of high-resolution turbidimeters to measure turbidity online in a hydraulic circuit of family swimming pools in private homes. The SME looks for turbidimeter probes capable of measuring small turbidity variations (0.1 Nephelometric Turbidity Unit), with measuring range between 0-5 NTU in water at temperature from 1°C up to 40°C. The probes should not need a great precision in measures. A distribution agreement is sought with a long-term partner of such equipment.


The French company is finalising an innovative project with the aim of reducing energy consumption for everyday running of cleaning circuit system for swimming pools in private houses. Indeed, to keep the water transparent, the current filtering systems are energy consuming, by working many hours per day, perhaps longer than useful. In order to optimise the operating time of the filtration pump to save energy, the SME needs to start/stop the swimming pool filters electrical mechanism when necessary, that is to say when a change of turbidity is detected. And so, the SME is looking for turbidimeters with high-resolution probes which can measure online small turbidity variations of water (0.1 NTU). The SME is not looking for turbidimeters with high-precision probes of measurement, but they must measure with a high-resolution the changes of turbidity in pool water circuit. Ideally the turbidimeters should be equipped with sampling chambers. The main expected characteristics for the turbidimeters should be: -Online turbidity measurement -Measuring range: 0 - 5 NTU -Resolution: 0.1 NTU -Output signal: 4-20 mA -Ambient temperature: from -5°C up to 50°C -Temperature of the sampled swimming pool water: 1°C to 40°C -Maximum pressure of the sampled swimming pool water: 2 bars -Environment potentially corrosive (possible presence of liquid chlorine and acid cans in the room where the turbidimeter will be installed) -Sampled fluid: swimming pool water with pH between 6.5 and 8.0 routinely (between 5 and 8,5 occasionally) and Chlorine or bromine level between 1ppm and 3ppm in normal operation and which can rise up to 12ppm during shock chlorination or bromination (over a period of 24 to 48 hours maximum) -Resistance to hydrogen peroxide up to 40 ppm Hydraulic connection of turbidimeter: -the flow in the main pipe of the swimming pool hydraulic circuit varies between 5m3/h and 50m3/h. This main pipe is made of rigid PVC and can have an external diameter between 50mm and 110mm. -the online turbidimeter must be installed as a bypass of the hydraulic circuit of the swimming pool, into a smaller pipe. -the insertion of turbidimeter in the circuit should be as simple as possible. -the sample socket will be set up between the filtration pump and the filter. A sampling chamber may be required for turbidimeter; in this case, the sample will return to the swimming pools hydraulic circuit, downstream of the filter. The French company is looking for partner capable of supplying such turbidimeters that allows online measurement of water turbidity on a hydraulic circuit of a family swimming pool. A long-term partnership is sought with a supplier of turbidimeters under a distribution agreement.

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