Southeast European (FSC) PRINTED products producer, with more than 20 years’ experience in the printing and promotional products industry, is offering their services for potential customers on the EU market
Deadline: Sep 18, 2024
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Macedonian company with big experience in printed products, graphic design, promotional items, and product photography is offering their services to companies looking for an alternative producer/international partner in order to near-shore their products from the Far East to Europe. The company specializes in complex offset printed products that require manual finishing, particularly children's books, board books, board games, educational children's games, cards, puzzles, calendars.


Based in Skopje, Macedonia, the company is an FSC-certified Print broker & Digital management company that assists its customers in locating the best, quickest, and cheapest offset printed and promotional product producer. The company does all the work for the customers, shortening the time-consuming process of finding a producer who meets their specific requirements. The company carefully analyzes customer needs and matches them with the best possible producer while considering their specific type of product, quantity, target price, and lead time, then monitors the entire production and delivery process. Customers will be able to iterate quickly, improve quality, and deliver faster thanks to their service. The company manufactures Southeast European (FSC) PRINTED products, which are exported to EU countries (Slovenia, Austria, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and UK). Businesses that order printed products, graphic design, promotional items, and product photography are among their current clients. The company has competitive prices because of lower labor costs, and have quick delivery times because of their proximity to the EU. Their exports account for 80% of their turnover, while domestic sales account for 20%. The company’s product/service portfolio consists of the following categories: • Graphics Design (Prepress and Artwork management) • Product Photography • Pure Printing • Print management • Digital media • Consultancy The company categorizes the products into several categories: • Books / Flap books / Board books / Children’s educational books • XXL large format books; • Custom printed educational games (included several items as box/rigid box + play cards + map + brochure/instruction), board games, playing cards; • Rigid box production + additional instructions, playing cards and other printed materials that are going in the rigid box; • Wire-o products (notebooks & calendars) • Cotton bags • Kraft paper bags with flat and twisted handles • Non-woven bags • Luxury (carrier) bags • Paper cups • POS materials • Boxes • Puzzles • Starter (Welcome) Packs - this segment includes High-quality textiles sewn from zero, completely personalized and branded (t-shirts, sweaters, polo shirts, socks, hoodies) + different promotional items (mugs, pens, umbrellas, bottles, etc.) Therefore, the company is looking for pathways to expand its international presence to more than several countries and is open to the following cooperation types: • Subcontracting – with companies that are willing to appoint a certain part of their production process that has previously been established in a contract with a third party, so that the Macedonian company can secure regular orders for a specific period of time determined by the contract, at the same time providing its internationally-approved facilities to the partners abroad. • Outsourcing – with companies involved in the printing and publishing industry that would like to assign particular parts of their business process that have to do with pre-press process, graphic design, printing and production of offset printing materials, as well as other custom promotional products.

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