French company specialised in specific equipment for viticulture is looking for a buyer for its new vineyard tractor project under an acquisition agreement
Deadline: Jun 19, 2022
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The French company designs and manufactures specific equipment for viticulture. They developed a straddle tractor with caterpillar tracks and low cockpit. The company would like to sell the entire project of this tractor which includes; last prototype, digital and printed execution plans, templates for the mechanical assembly. An acquisition agreement is sought.


The French company created in 2008 is the result of a fruitful collaboration between individuals recognised for their expertise in the viticulture sector. They design machines for all kinds of work and suitable for all kinds of vineyards. After developing a new kind of tying machine, they designed a tracked straddle tractor with low driving position which is really appreciated by the new generation of winegrowers.

The company followed all the steps to launch this new tractor on the market. It is ready for industrial production.

Due to the age of the manager who would like to retire, the company wants to sell the project of the tracked straddle tractor under acquisition agreement.

The French company is looking for a buyer for the entire project which is already tested. A prototype has been manufactured and is available for testing.
The project is constituted by the following elements:
- last version prototype equipped with 75 horsepower Deutz engine
- Numeric and printed execution plans
- Templates for the mechanical construction
- Addresses of winegrowers interested by this tractor as well as a network of dealers likely to sell it

The entire package would be offered for sale for up to 180 000 € ex-tax.

Advantages & innovations

All the machines have been designed by a winegrower who knows the needs and issues of the new viticulture. The equipment is more respectful of the vineyard’s soil. That kind of tractor is very appreciated by the new winegrowers’ generation who is looking for tractors with very low soil settling. Benefits of the tractor, for which they are looking for a buyer: - Compact design : very low space requirements in any row - Manoeuvrability: very low centre of gravity - Adaptability: to all vines, high and low - Balance: thanks to the position of other machines inside and under the portal - Safety: height of the seat suitable for a great majority of the works, ensuring higher safety, better visibility and thus a higher sense of safety - Performance: side slope correction

Stage of development

Prototype available for demonstration

Partner sought

The partner can be a company already manufacturing agricultural machinery or a company manufacturing and selling complementary products in the agriculture/viticulture sector and interested to extend its offer and product catalog. The partner will have to manufacture itself the machine or find a subcontractor. The same applies for the sale of the machine, the partner can take it in charge or entrust it to an external organization.

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