Spanish company offers a GPS location and comprehensive fleet management system to control transport activities and improve logistics processes
Deadline: Jun 5, 2024
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The application offered by the company provides detailed data on the activity, performance, consumption and fuel costs of the vehicles, allowing to control and optimize routes, assets and personnel. The company is looking for partners interested in incorporate this technology under commercial agreements, preferably from the following sectors: transport, logistics, roadside assistance, commercial fleets, car rental, private hire vehicles, healthcare vehicles, etc.


The software designed by the company covers the following services: - Location in real time: with the GPS Tracking platform, the user is able to control the location of his fleet in real time, controlling the stops, the distance traveled, the speed, the way of driving and the necessary maintenance. - Fuel control and monitoring: it is the perfect solution for all companies that wants to reduce costs and increase the profitability of their fleets. - Performance reports and charts: the system generates periodic and personalized reports of routes, distances, speeds and alerts. - Temperature monitoring and control: the system offers the possibility of remote and real-time control of the temperature of the load. - Route optimization: The fleet tracking software and the telematics system make it possible to design the most optimal and efficient routes for all vehicles. - Security and integrity of the load: The geolocation system prevents the theft of the vehicle, the load or the fuel. These services are managed through an application that can be customized by the user, adapting the different functionalities to its needs. The alerts reach the users directly to their emails or mobile phones, just at the moment the incident occurs. It is possible to add as many users as needed. In addition, users can use the application simultaneously in the same session.

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