EIT Community New European Bauhaus Call for Organising Partners: 2022 New European Bauhaus Hackathon Week
Deadline: Jun 6, 2022
Received 0 expressions of interest


Public Funding


Project full name: Cross-KIC New European Bauhaus, Strategic Synergies Cluster
Project acronym: EIT Community NEB
Grant agreement number: N/A
Total EU funding available: €180 000


Application forms need to be filled-out in English and submitted by email before 6 June 2022 at 23:59 CEST to nebhackathons22@climate-kic.org

Review mechanism and decision-making includes two stages:

Identification of 6 hosts amongst EIT Community New European Bauhaus partners (EU members states or Horizon Europe Associated countries), which hold experience in holding hackathons and alignment with New European Bauhaus through core organisational values and/or past and/or present projects and activities.

Creation of a specific New European Bauhaus model of hackathon including the Knowledge Triangle Integration, and capable of: (i) raise awareness and understanding of Thematic Axes, promote discussions and implementation of the New European Bauhaus core values (sustainability, inclusiveness, and aesthetics), and foster individuals’ feeling of ownership, (ii) creating a pool of New European Bauhaus talent, promoting partnerships and connections; (iii) become annual point reference of EIT Community New European Bauhaus practitioners, experts and innovators.

The NEB Hackathon Climate Week will be held on the last week of September.

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