Hungarian manufacturer of leather gloves is offering full scale production capacity from design till shipment.
Deadline: Jun 5, 2024
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The Hungarian company offers high quality leather gloves manufacturing capacity using traditional manual technology. For private label partners they offer full service, from design to delivery. The company has its own leather and lining warehouse, but entirely contract work cooperation is also possible.


The family-run Hungarian company has been manufacturing fashion leather gloves for contract and in-house orders since 1994. Over the years, their services have evolved a lot, allowing them to produce for major brands and international celebrities. Advantages for the brands that work with us: - materials from stock, no need for the brand to source their own - technological design, thanks to their technicians they can quickly bring any model up to speed, developments are fast and smooth - innovative ideas and materials for their partners, such as antibacterial surface treatment, smart phone touch technology - traditional manual production technology, which guarantees high quality and long product life, essential today for a sustainable, long-lasting product - the company also provide solutions to sustainability challenges with a circular economy model and the possibility to create a collection with unique serial numbering that can be registered. This allows the customer to know everything they need about the product. The company is available for subcontracting, in-house fabric orders, also for new product development, technological design, prototyping, preparation, technical materials, tailoring sewing templates and sample production.

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