Canadian experts in Lithium-ion batteries and thermal management offers products and services to enable electric vehicles to go further, be safer, charge faster and be more affordable
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A Canadian SME develops an innovative thermal management solution for Li-ion batteries, fuel cells and power electronics systems. They have also produced thermally improved Li-ion energy storage systems, which has been designed for ground, aeronaval electric and hybrid electric-hydrogen propulsion applications as well as stationary storage systems. They would like to establish either a commercial agreement with technical assistance, an investment, or a R&D cooperation agreement with a partner.


Performance, safety, and cost are the main barriers to the adoption of electric and hydrogen vehicles. These three issues may be related to a lack of optimized thermal management solutions (TMS) for Li-ion batteries. Our client developed an innovative TMS that optimizes the thermal path from battery cells to the heat dissipation method, whether it be air or liquid, increasing the thermal performance of the battery. Their innovative TMS passively maintains critical systems in their optimal range of temperature, enhancing their performance and lifetime. The offered solution thus paves the road to efficient air-cooling thermal management. Our client’s solution takes the appearance of a metallic sheet, 1mm to 3mm thick with a thermal conductivity 10x to 100x superior to copper depending on the thermal design. It transports heat pipes principles, transporting and uniformizing heat efficiently between cells and the cooling/heating source to keep cells within their operating temperature range. Experiments showed that our client’s solution, when coupled with air cooling was as performant as a traditional cold plate system. By dramatically reducing thermal resistance from heat transport, our client’s solution enables air cooling to be as performant as liquid cooling. The solution offered cools down the cells and uniformizes cells temperature below 5°C to reduce premature aging and to improve vehicle’s range. It also prevents heat propagation to adjacent cells in the case of thermal runaway. It can be applied to any temperature-sensitive structures such as Li-ion batteries, fuel cells and power electronic systems. It is a perfect solution for power applications such as ground and aerospace electric/hybrid propulsion, swappable battery systems and for stationary energy storage systems. Our client has further developed the first air-cooled Li-ion module of 2kWh/48V that allows for fast charging for Low-Speed Vehicle applications. Several modules can be plugged in series/parallel to create a battery pack of up to 16kWh/220V. Our client is looking for industrial partners and customers to: - Develop/adapt/produce thermal management solutions for green propulsion applications. - Develop and produce battery packs with improved thermal management for power and energy storage applications. Ideally, our client would like to find a partner with whom they can establish either a commercial agreement with technical assistance, an investment, or a R&D cooperation agreement.

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