Romanian offer of engineering and R&D consulting for chemicals, petrochemicals and related products
Deadline: May 26, 2024
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A Romanian institute is looking for partners for its engineering and R&D services related to chemicals and materials for industrial products under commercial agreements.


A Romanian Research & Development organization is engaged in developing inter-regional demand-driven innovation in the field of chemicals and novel materials for industrial products, with a strong emphasis on eco-innovation & green technologies and compliance to the requirements of heavily regulated domains including fit for purpose manufacturing (eg surface treatment, biomedical engineering, outputs for agriculture), industrial production processes (crude oil extraction and processing, chemicals production, recycling & waste processing) and processing of ingredients for commercial products that appear in consumer markets in various sectors (agri-food, artifacts preservation, automotive, cosmetics, sanitizing products). The range of proprietary technical capabilities accommodate for commissioning pertaining to technology gap identification, showcasing solutions and assessing client opportunities to launch furbished products and services based on new/improved/novel ingredients/additives developed in its demonstrator facilities (non/ homogeneous injections/extrusions, fiber-reinforced/ plastic composites, other fabricated plastics, membranes and membrane-based products, specialty/performance materials, semiconductor materials, ceramics, lubricants and functional fluids, industrial chemicals, polymeric materials, electronics chemicals, agricultural chemicals, advanced manufacturing processes, nanotechnology, 3D printing). Responsible for providing crucial support for projects across a range of sectors including life sciences and energy management, the R&D institute combines complex problem solving with dynamic commercial awareness, catering to client orders spanning from single-function analysis to complex amalgamations referencing. It is looking for long -lasting partnerships for its engineering and R&D consulting services under commercial agreements. Even other type of cooperation could be envisaged.

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