Swedish company with an innovative mobility platform for development of sensory stimulus seeks distributors
Deadline: May 26, 2024
Received 0 expressions of interest


A Swedish innovation - a mobility platform for the development of sensory stimulus gives people with severe physical and neurological disabilities the opportunity to develop their sensory stimulus. The platform helps the user to interact with their environment, progress development of spatial awareness, as well as provide an introduction to power wheelchairs at an early age.The platform is developed and produced in Sweden and the company is now looking for agents/distributors in Europe.


A SME from southern Sweden has developed and produced an innovative and unique mobility platform for development of sensory stimulus and is now looking for agents or distributors in Europe. The company was founded in 1993 and recently acquired by one of the leading Swedish assistive technology companies. Its main product is a mobility platform for people with severe physical and neurological disabilities - a Swedish innovation developed and produced in Sweden. The mobility platform can be used by children, adolescents and adults up to 130 kg with everything from mild impairment to severe disabilities with major cognitive difficulties. The product can also be used in dementia care. The innovative product has achieved great success on the home market, having the public healthcare sector as its main customer. The Swedish company has received enquiries from around the world and is now ready to take the mobility platform abroad through agents or distribution agreements. The company is looking for potential agents or distributors that are already suppliers to the public and the private healthcare sector on their respective market

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