Hand-picked organic mountain tea from Greece offered for import, distribution, wholesale and representation
Deadline: Sep 20, 2024
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Small enterprise from Greece specialised in cultivating organic herbs is interested in setting up commerial agreements with foreign importer-distributors for the commercialisation of its organic mountain tea.


This is a family business, situated in the southwest of Greece, that began its activity in 2012 with 3 acres of land for the production of aromatic herbs such as lavender, thyme, mountain tea and rosemary. Today, thanks to high demand and the company’s passion for organic products, it has expanded to 40 acres and its operation is mostly occupied with the production of mountain herbal tea (plant species: sideritis scardica). The land is located at an altitude of about 400-500m near to a small port on the southwest coast of the country. It is fenced and remote from the pollution of industrial installations and urban centres. The tea selection is the result of the harvest of the leaves and flowers from the bottom as well as the top of the plant. The different types of tea vary depending on the cultivation method and conditions, the variety mixing and the plant processing. The ideal climate for mountain tea is found in high altitudes with frequent and intense rainfall. It is important that this climate is foggy to ensure the plants are protected from the sun, maintain the optimum humidity and have a slow growth rate. The leaves and flowers are harvested by hand and put into baskets for the drying process to begin immediately. This is performed both by natural (air) and artificial means, according to specific standards and under a high level of control. This is in order to remove the excess humidity from the leaves and flowers (by up to 70%). The tea leaves are put into cool, ventilated, and specially adapted spaces where air, which homogeneously removes the humidity, is channeled among the tea leaves and flowers. The last stage of the production process is the classification of the tea leaves and flowers according to their size. After that, the finished product is packed into large eco-friendly carton boxes ready for export. The client is looking for commercial partnerships with importer-distributors and/or wholesalers.

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