Ukrainian manufacturer of innovative surgical suture materials, surgical incision films, surgical apparel, surgical drapes and sets for wound care is looking for a long-term cooperation with EU partners under the manufacturing or distribution agreement
Deadline: Nov 20, 2024
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Ukrainian family manufacturer with 14-year experience produces innovative surgical suture materials and sets for wound care. It proposes 3000 item codes of surgical sutures, from massive to microsurgical and ophthalmic ones. Ukrainian company is a manufacturer of full cycle and is able to create any new products. The company interests in a global distribution of the medical consumables. It proposes a service of “Original Equipment Manufacturer” manufacturing of medical goods on its facilities.


Ukrainian family company is a national supplier of such medical consumable materials as surgical suture materials and pladgets, surgical incision films, surgical apparel, surgical drapes and sets, sets for wound care. Company is interested in expanding of distribution network. All products are manufactured from the raw materials of the world leaders. It uses precise crimping technology for suture materials with the care of the needle/thread ratio. Its cardiac PTFE sutures have such parameter about 1:1. Special bone sutures are made with the massive extra strong needles that are equipped rotary modified stainless thread. Tiny microneedles for neurosurgery, ophthalmic and vascular surgery are made with the individual care with triple testing of the fixation, scratch and shape quality. Individual design of the suture pledgets gives possibility to satisfy all needs of the suture and tissue augmentation and support. Double sided pladgets from the inert PTFE gives possibility to choose flat and slippery surface or fibrous and soft one for the different purposes. Sterile surgical gowns and other apparel are sewed by high-speed ultrasound sewing machines for hermetic seams. The company uses microporous air permeable membranes to protect the surgical team from leakage. Surgical drapes and sets are designed for the comfortable draping. They sewed and modelled by ultrasonic and thermal matrix to fit the place of use. All the fabric used for apparel and drapes are Eco-friendly. They are treated for rapid biodegradation. The company is looking for the partners to develop distribution on a global market of the medical consumables.

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