Romanian SME offers cybersecurity solution to protect internal infrastructures through a dedicated Cyber - SOC (Security Operation Centre)
Deadline: May 25, 2024
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The Cyber SOC solution proposed integrates open source solutions into a system with advanced, proactive facilities for detecting and neutralizing cyber attacks, with minimum costs. The basic level of Cyber SOC is suitable for SME and also could provide cyber security services for customers who do not store large databases or operate high-tech infrastructures.


Cyber-SOC combines, non-stop, specialists, dedicated technologies and SOP but also customized processes and procedures in order to monitor and counter cyber threats by detecting intrusions, behavioral anomalies, suspicious network traffic activity, data theft, malware attacks, etc. Cyber-SOC ensure a high level of cyber security of the computer systems of an internal infrastructure or can provide cyber security services, as follows: • Asset management • Risk analysis • Design of cyber security architectures • Vulnerability management • Response coordintion to cyber security incidents • Response to incidents and remediation of computer systems • Cyber security audits and/or Security assessments (penetration tests) • Cyber security training courses, NIS directive, GDPR. Also, in case of providing services it ensures: • Integration in the client's IT infrastructure • Intrusion prevention • Rapid identification of vulnerabilities in the beneficiary's computer systems • Proactive threat scanning • Identifying and notifying suspicious behaviors • Rapid intrusion detection and the ability to identify unknown attacks • Protection against DDoS attacks aimed at blocking / slowing down connectivity to resources • Highly configurable rules and policies, including Geo-IP with the ability to block access to certain sites • Obtaining a complete picture of assets and vulnerabilities • Recommendations and remediation measures

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