A manufacturer of wooden ecological toys and decorative products seeks distributor
Deadline: Jun 5, 2024
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The company from central Poland creates wooden toys made of durable, certified plywood. The products can be used to play, but they can also be used as a decorative element of interiors. The SME is looking for distributors of its products in all countries. The cooperation will be based on a distribution service agreement.


The Polish manufacturer of toys and decorative plywood products has been operating on the market since 2020. The company's products include wooden houses, decorations for various occasions, room decorations such as: shelves, bookcases, furniture for dollhouses, as well as educational series: mathematical tables, memory game, road signs, railway barriers or sets of trees. The company cooperates with qualified constructors. Products stand out from the toys produced on a large scale. The material for production is imported from Finland. The company's operations are based on the zero waste principle. The production process takes place with care for the natural environment. The SME uses production waste (what is waste for one company is the main production material for a manufacturer of plywood toys). The Polish company uses this waste to make decorations for various occasions to celebrate, as well as toys and accessories for children's rooms. Every piece of waste is used. The SME carefully selects the size of the packaging of products, bearing in mind the care of the environment. Each of the series of toys is packed in a box made of plywood. The products have a practical dimension. A set of several elements, it is disassembled and can be folded and stored flat. The advantage of the products is that the individual elements can be combined in many ways, depending on the user's imagination (modularity - individual elements of various products and assembling walls in many ways). Each product is precisely made with the use of cutters for cutting wood, thanks to which the edges are smooth, bright and aesthetic. The products can be completed with many accessories in the company's offer. The big advantage is that the toys are distinguished by their design and the possibility of personalization. The greatest advantage, apart from the quality and durability of the materials used, is the original design as well as engraved and cut details that give the products uniqueness. All articles are made of durable and certified plywood with a thickness of 12, 15 and 18 mm, thanks to which the products are solid and durable. The manufacturer has the following approvals and certificates: Quality and environmental management system ISO 9001 and ISO 1400; meets the requirements of the EN 13986 E1 standard with low formaldehyde content; TSCA and CARB Phase II certified; PEFC certified. The company has previously cooperated with such countries as: Australia, USA, Indonesia, China, Japan, Israel, Switzerland, EU countries, Scandinavian countries The production hall covers an area of 1500m2. Foreign cooperation will allow the company to enter new foreign markets, and the above will translate into profits achieved by the company.

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