Smart sensors for construction and mining machinery offered by expert Greek SME
Deadline: Nov 20, 2024
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A Greek SME with expertise in advanced solutions for the construction and mining industries is interested in concluding agreements with commercial partners for its equipment monitoring and managing devices.


This Greek micro-enterprise has developed expertise in the design of printed circuit board (PCB) and embedded systems, particularly for low-power applications. In the construction and mining industries, it is a well-known fact that machinery is the most essential part of the work. This Greek company has developed Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in order to assist companies operating in these sectors to get the best out of their machines. Its specially-developed sensor is intended to be placed on building and quarrying equipment, where it will collect and send all the relevant data needed to optimize the machinery’s functioning. This includes temperature, location, and operation working hours. The sensor can be installed easily and quickly, without technical support, and will immediately be operational. Therefore, there is no need for time-costly installations and the sensor can be up and running in less than 10 minutes. From the moment the order is placed, the sensor/s can be shipped ready for deployment and operation Once installed, the device will efficiently analyze assets, and create data profiles of the work performed by the equipment being monitored. It allows for easy tracking and localisation of equipment, while reducing the possibility of theft, while monitoring how much they’re being used. The client is keen to expand abroad and place his device on major foreign markets, so he is looking for commercial agents or distributors.

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