Ukrainian company seeks to represent European producers of veterinary medics, cosmetology, and pharmacy products in a frame of distribution services agreement.
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Deadline: Dec 3, 2022
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The Ukrainian company, with it own distribution network, is a manufacturer of veterinary feed additives and a wide range of veterinary drugs for poultry, cattle, horses and pets, and wishes to expand the range of the products offered in a frame of distribution services agreement.


The Ukrainian company develops and manufactures high-quality and innovative veterinary feed additives, as well as a wide range of veterinary drugs for poultry, cattle, horses and pets.
This enterprise produces a wide range of drugs, feeds, additives, etc.
It also has a new modern plant for the production of sterile drugs for injections, and non-sterile forms of drugs.
As it wants to offer its customers the best range of products, the company is looking for European companies that are willing to introduce their products to the Ukrainian market. The company is interested in a distribution agreement.

Advantages & innovations

This SME over the years has earned a solid reputation in Ukraine. It steadily produces products for the Ukrainian market and has an established distribution network, thanks to which it has extensive experience in the distribution of veterinary medicines, cosmetology, and pharmacy products This company is comfortable for cooperation in terms of its location in the centre of Europe, which makes logistics simple and cheap. (The cost depends on the region of the supplier). The company meets all EU requirements for the production and distribution of sterile products.

Stage of development

Already on the market

Partner sought

The desirable type of the partner is a company from EU, interested in entering to the Ukrainian market, experienced in veterinary medicine, cosmetology, pharmacy, etc. The potential partner will provide its products, which, the Ukrainian company, as an official representative, will distribute in Ukraine.

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