A Slovene joinery specialized in production of unique wooden table tops is looking for distributors.
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Deadline: Dec 3, 2022
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A Slovene family-owned company which manufactures wooden furniture, front doors and unique table tops is looking for distributors and/or agents.


A Slovene family-owned company with more than 25 years of experience in woodworking was founded in 1993. The company started with manufacturing of furniture and front doors. After a few years, they started with manufacturing of interior doors. Nowadays, their speciality is production of unique table tops.
The company offers several types of unique tables:
• Veneered tables, laminated with wood-based composites, which are affordable, custom-made table tops. Inclusion of inlays – different types of veneer is also possible.
• Solid Wood tables made out of one piece of wood or width – joined elements. Customers can choose among a varnished surface (high gloss or matt), oiled (coatings based on natural oils and waxes are used) or sanded (customer applies the coating on their own and participates in the very process of product creation).
• Wood Epoxy tables where the natural beauty of wood with epoxy resin is combined. The company offers several types of unique wood that can be combined with the resin colour of customer's choice. The surface of the table can be polished to a high gloss finish, optionally protected with anti – scratch varnish (on request a crystal-clear standard or tempered glass, which is specially made to not change the natural colour of the wood can be supplied).
The tables are designed for both indoor and outdoor use; such as dining tables, kitchen tables, conference tables, office desks, club tables, kitchen counters, etc. Table tops can be manufactured in all sizes and shapes (oval, round). Customer can choose between wooden or metal bases.

Clients can participate in the material selection process until the perfect slab is found. Upon completion, together with the client, the company review the work to ensure all parties are satisfied.

The company offers an individual approach and a comprehensive service that includes consulting, measurements, drawings, delivery and installation.

The company wants to enter foreign markets. It is interested in finding appropriate commercial agents and/or distribution partners to collaborate with them under commercial agency and/or distribution services agreement. The partners should be active in the furniture sector. These can be also interior furnishing retailers, wholesalers, interior designers and architects.

Advantages & innovations

The company has following advantages: - 25 years of experience, - high quality of products (starting with continuous input control of the material, and 100 % quality control of products), - flexibility, - modern design and unique products, - personal and business use of the product, - broad market and the target group, - use of natural materials, - 5-axis CNC based production line.

Stage of development

Already on the market

Partner sought

Company is looking for a distributor of epoxy tables. Partner should have experience with sale of higher price range furniture and established channels to adequate customers (individuals, hotels, restaurants…).

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