Croatian company specialized in production of point of sales display and in-store marketing is looking for a cooperation with retailer/wholesaler from the FMCG or HoReCa sector.
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Deadline: Mar 27, 2024
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The company specializes in the production of sales displays and in- store marketing. They are mostly known for their display systems ranging from shelves, desks, stands to boxes. With more than 15 years of experience and a with a continuous growth of number of clients, they can guarantee excellent product quality.


The company has the experience and know how in the production of premium displays for Point of Sale Locations. Their reputation for delivering a diverse range of display systems such as shelves, desks, stands and boxes, precedes them. The company's office and production facilities are located in Rugvica, Croatia. With more than 50 employees they cover the complete process, starting from design & engineering to delivery and mounting at customer sites. Their goal is to be reliable supplier of attractive and innovative display solutions. The company has more than 15 years of experience in producing premium POS displays for many top brands in FMCG and HoReCa sector.

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