Armenian producer of bedding seeks distributors or manufacturing agreements
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Deadline: Jun 10, 2022
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An Armenian company is specialized in the production of different kinds of bedding, such as blankets, pillows, mattress covers, as well as pillow covers, bed sheets, blanket sheets etc. The company also processes wool, cotton, plume, and polyester (sintepon) and uses it in its own production, as well as offering it as a finished raw material. The company is looking for distribution services or manufacturing agreements.


This Armenian company was founded in 2010. The company is involved in the production of all kinds of bedding items. The company is using both natural, semi-natural and artificial raw materials during the production. The company particularly producies pillows from wool, cotton, bamboo plume or polyester (sintepon). The company also produces counterpanes, blankets, mattress covers from wool, mixed wool and/or sintepon, as well as all kinds of bedding, such as pillow covers, blanket sheets, bed sheets, etc. The company uses the following raw materials while producing the bedding: satin, cotton, poplin, polyester, etc. The materials have different prints, colors including 3D printings. The thickens of the used materials are 65g, 85g, 95g or 110g. The company has a very flexible policy towards its production activities: the company is producing bedding both by own design and by clients’ own design. The company has its own facilities for processing of raw materials used in the production, such as special equipment for processing of high-quality sintepon, equipment for processing of wool and plume, which makes higher the quality of used raw materials. The company uses the processed sintepon in the production process, as well as offers it as a finished product for sale to other producers.
The company is equipped with high-quality equipment imported from Germany and Japan, which ensures quality design, cutting, sewing, etc. The company uses modern ultrasound equipment, to give special modern design to the produced bedding, as well as ensures the durability of the products. The company uses special technology to get different levels of softness for mattress covers.
The company is continuously developing product quality. The products of this company are competitive in the international market both by the quality and prices. Having the aim to reduce the costs of ready-made products, the company has installed solar panels.
The Company’s products are already well known in the local market and represented in different specialized stores and supermarket chains. The company has experience in exporting its production to Russia. The company wants to expand its market and sell its products also in other foreign countries. The company is looking to sign a distribution services agreement, to distribute its products in foreign markets. The company is also looking for a manufacturing agreement to produce all kinds of bedding by the design and order of the client.

Advantages & innovations

The company has a very flexible policy towards its pricing and product design and assortment. The company's products have very competitive prices in the International market, as well as high quality. The company has the capacity to make products both by own design and by clients own design and is flexible to produce under the clients' brand. The company uses modern technologies to process the quality of raw material used in its products. The bedding is lightweight and can be washed in a washing machine. The sintepon is being threatened thermally, which makes the products hypoallergenic.

Stage of development

Already on the market

Partner sought

The company is looking for distributors of bedding and textile, who may be interested in the distribution of the company's products under a distribution services agreement. The company is also looking for hotels, hospitals, kindergartens or companies specialized in bedding’s production, which might be interested to order bedding from the company by their own design and under the client brand or by the design of Armenian company. The cooperation will be under a distribution services agreement and/or under manufacturing agreement.

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