Danish SME seeks manufacturers of life jackets for water sports
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Deadline: Jan 6, 2023
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A Danish SME located in the northern part of Denmark is looking for manufacturers to produce lifejackets for water sports. The life jacket should be made of a flexible fabric (swimwear material), manually inflatable and placed on the upper chest. The Danish SME is looking for a manufacturing agreement.


The Danish SME has designed an inflatable life jacket, which is meant for water sports such as surfing. The life jacket consists of an outer flexible fabric often used for swimwear, behind which is an inflatable bladder. The life jacket is inflated by pulling a tab, which punctures a CO2 cartridge. The SME is interested in the mechanism being the Halkey Roberts 840 manual inflator. Furthermore, a pressure release valve should be present for releasing air, and reusing the product. The SME is striving to be environmentally friendly in production, and seeks to apply a textile recycled from ocean waste in the production.

By being placed on the upper chest and being flexible, it is suitable for water sports such as surfing, canoeing and kitesurfing, providing the possibility to lie on the stomach, or to connect a harness.

The SME currently has a conceptual visual model, and needs help to produce working prototypes as well as to set up production. The working prototypes should also be used in CE-marking the product. They are estimating the first batch of production of approximately 100 units depending on unit pricing and are therefore interested in a manufacturing agreement.

The Danish SME will provide the technical drawings to the manufacturer.

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The company is seeking a manufacturer that has experience of working with safety equipment and in designing a product to satisfy the demands of CE-certification, and specifically ISO 12402-5. The manufacturer should be interested in a small-scale initial production run, with the capability to expand later as market conditions improve.

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