Italian company, producing wine on the Etna Volcano is looking for distributor
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Small company, located in Sicily, producing a high quality of red wines, is looking for distributors and new importers to distribute wines to restaurants and hotels, via distribution agreements.


The Italian company, is located is a small wine-growing and wine-producing business born from owner's love for Sicily. The property includes three vineyards: a first one located in Contrada Verzella in the municipality of Castiglione di Sicilia. It includes two vineyards of Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio that date back to the beginning of the 1900. The grape wine are cultivated in the form of the typical alberello, small tree vine of Etna. The density is 9000 plants per hectare.
The second one is a vineyard of Sangiovese cultivated in the form of the typical small tree of Etna. The vineyard is located in Passopisciaro, Contrada Feudo di Mezzo, in the municipality of Castiglione di Sicilia. Its density is 10000 plants per hectare.
Last but not least is a vineyard of Carricante, cultivated in the form of the typical small tree vine of Etna. It is located in the municipality of Milo and its density is 10000 plants per hectare.
The main purpose of our business is to produce wines which respect the identity of our extraordinary territory.

The company presents two red wines, a Sangiovese wine on the Etna. The character of the great Tuscan grapes interprets this magical territory, starting from the deep ruby red colour. The nose is immediately fruity: ripe red fruits like black cherry and blackberry. Then violet, graphite, licorice and cinchona. In the mouth it is well-balanced, supported by alcohol and a velvety smoothness on one side and elegant tannins on the other. The taste is full and simple at the same time, thanks to the presence of acidity. Long lasting end.

The second wine: the colour is a bright ruby red with clear edges. The bouquet is full of typical smells: pot-pourry of red and dried fruits, where raspberry and cherry jump out of the glass, followed by Asian spices, aromatic herbs, graphite and salty sea notes. The taste embraces the mouth totally, with a long persistence, supported by good tannins and salty sea notes. The balance makes this wine elegant and ready to drink. Long lasting end.

The company is looking for an importer or distributor for restaurants or also engaged in distributions to hotels.

Advantages & innovations

The company produces few bottles of a high quality red wine. The company has an exclusive product since it's the only producer of SanGiovese in Sicily. From the Sangiovese grape an intense ruby red wine is obtained, tannic, full-bodied, harmonious, with a pleasant bitter and fruity aftertaste; aged it releases the characteristic tertiary aromas.

Stage of development


Partner sought

The company is looking for partners who appreciate the particularity and uniqueness of the products which by virtue of the small quantities, will be for selected customers. They will be importers or distributors involved in channels interested in an exclusive product like a Sicilian Sangiovese.

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