EIT Health Bootcamp Call for EIC Supported Ventures
Deadline: Mar 14, 2022
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Public Funding


Project full name: Elevating European healthcare innovator ecosystems through integrated access to sector-specific market expertise, co-investments and services
Project acronym: EIT EIC CollabPilot project
Grant agreement number: 101035792
Total EU funding available: Maximum €14 000. Maximum €3 500 per selected company.



Please submit your application through the specific form for each Bootcamp participating in the Call for EIC supported ventures:

In order to receive the specific support from the Bootcamp Call for EIC supported ventures, please make sure to tick the box confirming your company received previous support from the EIC (or any of its previous funding bodies.)

Evaluation & Selection Process

Applicants will be selected to participate in the Programme based on the following eligibility and selection criteria:

a. Eligibility Criteria

In addition to these requirements, each company must fulfil the eligibility criteria set out by the specific Bootcamp that they are applying to (see below or the web for more information).

b. Evaluation

Following the eligibility check, the remaining evaluation steps will follow the rules set out by each specific Bootcamp. A maximum of 4 teams will be selected to participate in the Bootcamp programmes under the special conditions set out in the call document.

c. The Application

Access webpage: https://eithealth.eu/eit-eic-collabpilot/

Application forms:

Contact email

EIT Health Bootcamps give start-ups the chance to explore and validate their full market potential and connect with a network of fellow entrepreneurs and innovators across Europe. Participants will analyse their competition, identify their unique selling proposition (USPs) and engage with their target customers to take their business to the next level.

Through this call for EIC supported ventures, a maximum of 4 EIC companies will have access to EIT Health’s Bootcamps, where they will be given the opportunity to access the EIT Health ecosystem network and pitch their idea to experts across Europe; other special conditions and benefits of start-ups participating under the collaboration framework are detailed below.

Benefits for participants

a. All participants in EIT Health Bootcamps will receive:

b. Participants selected to one of EIT Health Bootcamps through the Bootcamp call for EIC Supported Ventures will receive:

EIT Health Bootcamps available within the Bootcamp Call for EIC Supported Ventures.

Companies that have been previously supported by the EIC (or any of its previous funding instruments) may now apply and be selected with special conditions to any of the following EIT Health Bootcamps:

Reactor Bootcamp

Medical imaging and big data analysis are becoming an ever-increasing focus for health innovation. Through expert guidance, this bootcamp helps start-ups develop engagement and launch strategies to accelerate the early adoption of their product across Europe.

The Reactor Bootcamp offers expert guidance on customer awareness, customer journey, industry compliance and go to market strategy, aiding start-ups to find their product-market fit and accelerate early adoption.

a. Eligibility criteria

Projects applying to the Reactor Bootcamp should meet the following requirements:

b. Evaluation and selection

After the eligibility check, applications will be evaluated by a group of experts. The selection committee will then choose the most promising teams based on:

25 Shortlisted teams that pass the evaluation stage will then be invited to a Selection Day, where they will work on a challenge and have a 1:1 interview with Health Venture Lab (HVL) mentors and the HVL team. Based on this, the final list of participants will be defined.

c. Timeline

14 March: Deadline to apply

23 March: Announcement of evaluation results and 25 shortlisted start-ups

25 March: Selection Day

29 March: Selected teams are announced

d. How it works

Selected start-ups will attend intense online sessions for 4 weeks over a 3-month long period. Each team will define measurable goals at the beginning of the program. Our mentors, coaches, experts, trainers and the HVL Team support the teams to reach the next stage of their development by graduation. HVL provides continuous support for 2 more weeks after the Demo Day Pitch Competition to organize stakeholder meetings for the best teams.

Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

The Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp connects high growth, women-led or co-led start-ups to an unparalleled network of investors and mentors – helping nurture and support rapid growth.

This programme will help to leverage the diversity in the leadership team to achieve the best possible outcomes for the start-up. This programme will also help the start-up find the reference points needed to successfully frame ambition and attract more investment.

The Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is a seven-week programme – providing intensive training, mentoring and networking opportunities in Galway (Ireland), Coimbra (Portugal), Barcelona (Spain) and London (UK). During this time, the team will participate in two pitch events and enjoy significant one-to-one face time with investors.

a. Eligibility criteria

The Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is looking for committed, driven and ambitious teams with a high-growth start-up that is:

EIC companies / projects may apply to the Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp free of charge, and no commitment or success fees apply to them.

b. Evaluation and selection

At least two external evaluators will assess your submission based on:

If you are shortlisted, you will be interviewed to define the final list of participants.

c. How it works

We focus the training on understanding and leveraging the benefits of founder diversity to pitch, raise funds, plan growth, and get the best possible outcome for your start-up. Selected start-ups participate in a five-week programme, with travel to Galway, Ireland; Coimbra, Portugal and Barcelona, Spain. Each location provides four intensive days of training and networking on women leadership, fundraising and entrepreneurship topics.

d. Programme cost

The Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp collects a commitment fee of €200 upon acceptance in the programme, and a success fee of a maximum of €20 000 depending on the fundraising round size. These fees do not apply to participants accepted through the Bootcamp Call for EIC Supported Ventures.

Contact Information

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