High-protein sweet snacks from Greece offered for commercial partnerships
Deadline: Nov 20, 2024
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A Greek producer of healthy snacks is looking for importers, wholesalers and distributors.


This medium-sized company from Greece was founded in 1965. It was one of the first large-scale producers of sesame bars in the country. With more than half a century of strong presence, it is now the market leader in Greek traditional confectionery, making products that are enjoyed by customers around the world. Its signature product, the sesame bar, (or pasteli as it is known in Greece), is a traditional Greek confection with documented origins in antiquity. Homer and Herodotus spoke of the snack in the Iliad and other texts dating back to the 8th and 5th centuries before Christ. Throughout the ages, this nutritious bar continues to be not only a sweet snack, but also a natural source of energy, due to the high-nutritional value of its two key ingredients: sesame and honey. Since its establishment almost 6 decades ago, the company has expanded its product range to meet consumers’ changing tastes and lifestyles. It offers a wide range of Sesame bars, Nut bars, Soft nougats, Greek delights and Coconut sticks. With its clientele growing internationally, the company has adjusted to the international market dynamics and created certified organic and vegan versions as well. Its products are available in a variety of packaging and they are ideal for snacking on the go. They are an excellent choice for retail outlets of all sizes, as well as hotels, coffee shops, vending machines, delicatessen shops, schools, and airports. The company is continuously searching for new opportunities, so it is interested in concluding commercial agreements with new partners abroad, such as importers, wholesalers and distributors.

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