A Korean SME developing the non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation technology is looking for partners who can help upgrading the technology or introducing its wellness product to Europe
Deadline: Sep 21, 2024
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A Korean SME has developed the auricular sound and electric nerve stimulation technology that can stimulate auricular branch of vagus nerve effectively to increase brain plasticity and brain function. This non-invasive stimulation can help treatment of degenerative brain disease with less toxicity and side-effect compared to existing drugs and invasive treatment. The company is looking for partners that help to upgrade its technology or distribute wellness device utilizing the same technology.


A Korean SME established by doctor of one of well-known university hospital has developed non-invasive trans auricular vagus nerve stimulation technology. By electrical and sound stimulation on human’s vagus nerve of the outer ear, it improves cerebral plasticity and functioning by increasing neurotransmitter and cerebral blood flow. This technology helps treatment of various brain diseases such as insomnia, epilepsy and tinnitus. The company has developed digital therapeutics for tinnitus and wellness device for mental health such as stress reduction, sleep quality improvement, and concentration improvement based on non-invasive technology which is protected by more than 50 patents. There are three products provided by the company; 1) Electroceutical device for the treatment of degenerative brain disease 2) Android application digital therapeutics based on cognitive behavioural therapy for the treatment of tinnitus 3) Consumer electronics for wellness and stress relief The company is looking for two different partners under 1) Research cooperation agreement : companies, hospitals and research institutes(especially brain science) that can help to advance the company’s neuromodulation techniques such as electrical stimulation and neurofeedback for the treatment of degenerative brain disease 2) Commercial agreement with technical assistance : companies who are interested in selling and distributing the company’s wellness device which has CE mark

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