Highly-beneficial olive oil and olive oil supplements from Greece offered for commercial co-operation
Deadline: Sep 21, 2024
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Greek company with over 50 years’ experience in producing olive oil is looking for importer-distributors to commercialise its healthy oil products.


This family-owned business has been operating its olive oil mill for over 5 decades and it has built up significant experience in the field of olive oil production. It is located in a mountainous region in the south of Greece. The company has now passed down to the third generation, which is continuing to maintain the same values, principles and knowledge. The company’s extra virgin olive oil is made from 3 varieties of olive: koroneiki, ladolia and organic (properly preserved in specially-certified tanks). It is specifically offering the following products from its range:- - extra virgin olive oil in 500ml, 1l & 5l packaging for retail as well as 1l & 5l for restaurants - it can also offer 10l sunflower oil - polyphenolic extra virgin olive oil food supplement in 150ml. All the olive oil produced by the company is kept in tanks sealed with nitrogen. One of the special features of the company’s products is its intense aroma and slightly spicy taste. These characteristics are only noticeable in olive oils of high nutritional value. The company even has a certain amount of olive oil produced from olive trees of up to 300 years old. The company premises are ISO 22000 2018 certified. Scientific research and clinical studies have been carried out in collaboration with the World Olive Center in order to focus on the beneficial properties of the company’s products. The client wishes to expand its activities abroad and reach discerning health-conscious customers. Therefore, it is interested in establishing commercial agreements with importer-distributors.

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