A Bulgarian professional tourism and kayaking company offers commercial agency agreements to partners from Romania.
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Deadline: Jul 22, 2022
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A Bulgarian licensed tour operator and kayaking specialist is offering it's full range of services to potential partners from Romania. The partnerships sought will be under commercial agency agreements where the Romanian partner will offer the services of the Bulgarian company on the Romanian market.


This Bulgarian company was created in 2007 in the North-east Bulgaria by a group of professional kayaking specialists that wanted to promote this kind of sport and the beauties of the North-eastern coast of Bulgaria abroad.

The services on offer include sea kayaking tours, surf ski paddling tours and photo tours. The region is perfect for this type of activities due to the azure sea, rocky shore and shallow beaches surrounded with wild nature still untouched by the humans.

The offered tours are with different length and on different places. Main places of interest are:

Distance 1 – 6 km with duration – 2 hours
Distance 2 – 7 km with duration – 2.5 hours
Distance 3 – 10 km with duration – 3 hours
Distance 4 – 20 km with duration – 6-7 hours

There are also other places for trips not mentioned here. The equipment used is owned by the company and includes kayaks of different types, carbon paddles, life jackets, sprays, dry bags for luggage.

Each trip is available with a trainer/leader and with mandatory pre-training. The trip planning and final decision to enter is also done by the trainer/leader, who is aware of all the complex indicators such as wind, wave and offshore currents.

The trainer/leader also estimates the route - where to start and where to finish the trip, as on the north the coast is rather steep and the places to enter and exit the water with kayaks are few. The Bulgarian company offers full assistance not only for the kayaking services but also for accommodation if such service is requested.

The company is looking for Romanian partners for inbound tourism and incoming services under commercial agency

Advantages & innovations

- Licensed at the State Agency for Tourism; - The equipment used is from reliable suppliers. - Reasonable prices. - 14 years of experience in providing this kind of services. - More than 400 satisfied clients each year.

Stage of development


Partner sought

The company seeks partners for inbound tourism and incoming services under commercial agreements. The potential partners can be tourism agencies, sport clubs, kayak clubs, etc. in order to send groups to Bulgaria. Their role will be to represent the services offered by the Bulgarian company on their market, to promote the offer and to attract clients.

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