Swedish company is looking for distributors of sustainable, all-natural cosmetic and sunscreen products in Poland, Denmark, Greece, Cyprus and Malta
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Deadline: Jun 19, 2022
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A Sweden based company is looking for partners interested in distributing the company's innovative product portfolio, consisting of sustainable and natural, fully certified cosmetic and sunscreen products. The products come in two categories: sport/active, and everyday products. Distributors are initially sought in Poland, Denmark, Greece, Cyprus and Malta.


The Swedish company is offering a portfolio of 100% natural sunscreen and cosmetics products (the latter, currently body butters). The products contain a minimal amount of ingredients to achieve functionality, and they only use ingredients that have been shown to have no negative side effects for human health or the environment.

The company's vision is to provide functional, and understandable sunscreen and cosmetics products, that do not compromise on human health or the environment. The aim is to become the go-to natural sunscreen for active, nature-loving people around the world, producing high quality, long-lasting, and water resistant sun protection. Developed by formulation experts, the sunscreens and cosmetics products have been rigorously tested by both practitioners (surf teachers and high-altitude mountaineers), as well as scientists.

Some of the main selling points of the company's overall product portfolio are:
- High quality, certified, natural sunscreen developed in Sweden.
- All products have SPF (sun protection factor), UVA (ultra violet A), and water resistance certificates.
- COSMOS organic certified product portfolio. Which means that the company follows the strictest rules in regards to use of organic ingredients.
- Only using scientifically proven safe ingredients in the formulations.
- Hosts a strong base of brand ambassadors, which represent the brand and its core users.

The current B2B markets encompass Portugal, Spain, France, Germany and Sweden, where smaller resellers are offering the company's products. Now, the Swedish company wants to take wider approach and is therefore looking for long-term distribution partners that can cover a larger market in Poland, Denmark, Greece, Cyprus and Malta. Potential partners should be interested to distribute the majority of the company's products through their channels.

Advantages & innovations

The main advantages of the company's product portfolio is that it is fully in-tune with, and adapted to modern consumer trends: - Sustainable packaging (recycled tin sheet metal/bioplastic tubes) - Reef safe formulations: No dangers for oceans/reefs - Human safe formulations: No questioned ingredients - Simliar feeling as chemical SPF alternatives - Credibility: The company has never used chemical ingredients, and is supported by environmental organisations and the Swedish state, having received state funding for their product development. - Influencers: A wide range of European athletes are representing the brand in various countries, currently the United Kingdom, Portugal, and France.

Stage of development

Already on the market

Partner sought

The Swedish company is looking for long-term relationships with European distributors in Poland, Denmark, Greece, Cyprus and Malta. A potential partner should have the ambition to seriously introduce the company's product portfolio as the go-to alternative for sunscreen products. The Swedish company is looking for distributors that wish to complement their portfolio of products with a range of the Swedish company's completely natural, and highly effective sunscreens, and cosmetics. Potential partners should be interested to distribute the majority of the company's products through their channels. The role of a partner company is to independently manage the distribution process in the agreed upon market(s) and cooperate with the Swedish company in order to ensure there is full compliance in the new market, in terms of e.g. label text, certifications etc. Currently, the Swedish company has their strongest presence in the following sectors: - Sport Shops; e.g. surf shops, beach-side shops, climbing shops, and bike shops - Pharmacies - Eco Supermarkets A potential distributor could potentially focus on the above sales channels, but the Swedish company is open for alternative distribution, depending on the market.

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