An Austrian camping and vanlife competence center is looking for sheet metal technicians, which are able to produce "complex" vehicle components.
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Deadline: Sep 28, 2024
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The camping and vanlife competence center convert normal Vans/Transporters into (Offroad-)Campers. They have developed a high roof structure for the MAN TGE and functional side bodies for the VW T6. Now they are looking for a reliable partner for metalworking in the field of aluminium within the EU, who specialises in CNC milling, bending, laser cutting, anodising, e-coating and powder coating...


An Austrian camper manufacturer is converting transporters into camper vans since 2017. They are looking for a metalworking partner within the European Union (EU). On the one hand, it is about our specially developed high roof for the MAN TGE. This involves opening the roof panel and placing a higher roof structure on the vehicle. The challenge here is the size and compliance with the machining tolerances. On the other hand, the Austrian Company has developed functional side attachments for the VW T6. This involves replacing the original glass panes with "panes" made of aluminium. This allows to install camping windows or mounting points where this is normally not possible. To make these vanskins, a plate of aluminium has to be machined to fit the side contour of a vehicle exactly - the challenge here is to make the radii exactly in both directions. The vehicle parts are made from aluminium (AlMgSi0,5) and are developed in the Austrian Company’s internal department. The following production steps have to be gone through: - CNC milling - Laser cutting - Bending - Gluing in grub screws - Anodising, E-coating, Powder coating - Assembling of the produced parts As the product has to be suitable for off-road use and consists of several components, higher demands are placed on manufacturing quality, tolerances, and surface finish.

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