Slovenian company seeks partners for interactive digital content creation and tender applications. Galleries, museums, schools, companies, and inclusive institutions are welcome.
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Deadline: Jul 20, 2024
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Slovenian company seeks partners (museums, galleries, schools, educational institutions, public institutions, companies) for tender applications and clients interested in accessible digital content. Their innovative product offers interactive, multi-sensory digital content suitable for the blind and elderly. It serves informational, educational, and entertainment purposes. With a skilled team of IT developers, they have expertise in tender participation.


The company in question is an established Slovenian high-tech company founded in 2015. They specialise in developing information systems for the blind and visually impaired, focusing on creating inclusive digital content. Their innovative product offers a device equipped with a platform and applications that enable multi-sensory content creation, playback, and sharing. Their expertise stems from their roots in another well-established Slovenian company, which has been developing web and mobile applications since 2000. Notably, they have invented and patented a technology that allows blind people to perceive shapes on touch screens. The company's technology provides an immersive experience through tactile surfaces, vibrations, realistic sounds, voice, and images. Initially, they aimed to empower the blind and visually impaired community by providing digital access to graphical information. However, as they progressed, they discovered that multi-sensory information appeals to individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of age, gender, education, or disability. As a result, they expanded their focus to create multi-sensory digital content for museums, galleries, schools, public spaces, everyday use, and games, catering to a broader audience. Being the world's first provider of multi-sensory digital educational content and games for the blind and visually impaired, the company has made a global impact by enriching lives. They have received numerous awards and recognitions, including the prestigious Global Champion 2019 on World Summit Awards (WSA) and the title of Best European Social Innovation 2017. Additionally, UNESCO has acknowledged their contributions by listing them among the top 150 innovations that will improve the world. Their product has achieved great success in museums, enabling blind and visually impaired visitors to experience visual artworks through touch and other senses. Moreover, their technology is utilized in schools to provide inclusive education for visually impaired children and adults who become blind later in life, enhancing their learning experiences. The versatility of their solution allows it to be implemented in any business seeking true inclusivity. The company's commitment to innovation and inclusivity is further demonstrated by its participation as a consortium partner in the AAL project. Here, they are actively involved in developing a new product tailored to the specific needs of elderly individuals with age-related difficulties, including visual impairments. With its mission to enrich lives through multi-sensory experiences and its continuous drive for technological advancements, this Slovenian company remains at the forefront of inclusive technology.

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