Innovative impregnations and cleaning products for sports and professionals
Deadline: Nov 27, 2024
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The Slovakia-based company, with 13+ years of experience, offers an innovative assortment for outdoor sports ( hunting, hiking, cycling, running, and skiing), indoor sports to maintain equipment (for hockey, bowling, fencing, etc), The products can be used professionally: maintenance, cleaning, and protection of the equipment of the police, armed forces, etc, and ensuring protection against water, anti-fog. The company seeks distributors and partners under a commercial agreement.


For individual solutions/products: Odor remover: Revolutionary product on a natural basis, harmless to health, without dangerous substances, dermatologically tested with hypoallergenic results. Suitable as a remover of odors and protein contamination from almost any surface. There is usually no need to wash the product after use. These properties determine it as an extremely effective, low-cost, and health-friendly solution for cleaning bulletproof vests, equipment of soldiers, police, and firefighters including helmets and safety elements, hockey equipment, and other equipment that cannot be washed normally. Compared to commonly used methods of cleaning these surfaces (ozone, UV radiation), the preparation can reduce maintenance costs by up to 80%, and it is also an ecological solution that has been dermatologically tested. Lotos Standard: extremely intensive nanometric impregnation for non-impregnated clothing, textiles, brushed leather, and footwear. It repels water very intensively and effectively and withstands extremely heavy loads, for example during long hiking, hunting in the field, during fire fighting, or when working in the field - soldiers, foresters, and policemen. Its main advantage over competing preparations is an incomparably more intense effect than what the customer is traditionally used to. This predetermines it for use even in very demanding situations. Lotos Profi: nanometric impregnation with a very long life. It resists abrasion, bending of the surface, washing, as well as chemical factors. The lifetime of the impregnation is limited only by the quality of the underlying material, be it leather or textile. Tests have shown a durability of up to 30 washing cycles. It is very suitable for treating sofas in the interior of a home, restaurant, or car, but also for long-term impregnation of outdoor clothing. Antifog: Nanometric protective layer against fogging with universal use on any shiny surfaces – glasses, sunglasses, helmet visors for bikers, hockey players, skaters, skiers, policemen, firefighters, and many others. It is also applicable and very effective on glass in cars, trains, mirrors, and the like. These products can be supplied under the trademark of this company, or in the case of an individual agreement, the preparations can be supplied under the trademark of a partner/client. For all solutions, the company provides online and telephone training, or by agreement, on-site training or a visit. The company is looking for partners who are interested in further offering these products in the form of B2C, B2G, or B2B.

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