An Italian Innovative SME is offering an Artificial intelligence (AI) based software solutions for automatic document management
Deadline: Mar 24, 2024
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The company is an innovative SME that provides state-of-the-art software technologies in the ICT sector of Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition. The company is offering software solutions for automatic document management and processing to system integrator and/or distributor for commercial agreement with technical assistance.


The company build reading machines using Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. The company has created and developed the first Italian technology, patented in Italy, US, Israel and in Europe that is able to read, analyze and search handwritten digital documents independently of the writer, the alphabet and the language. It provides innovative software technologies for automatic document processing, especially handwritten documents, both off-line from static images, and on-line from handwriting coordinates acquired by several devices. The technology is able to read handwritten words also without a lexicon and not provided to the system during the learning step, overcoming the limits of the others solutions in the market. Another important advantage of the technology is the capability of learning from a reduced data set of training samples, which makes convenient also for small companies and institutions with a reduced documental heritage using an automatic system for data capture. The technology is independent from any writer, alphabet and reference language and more in details it is able to: READ-For extraction and automatic reading of information, such as characters, numbers or cursive handwriting, that are present in structural or not structural documents. SEARCH-For indexing and spotting by keywords of relevant handwritten documents in huge digital archives both modern and historical. ANALYZE-Analysis of static and dynamic features of handwriting.

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