Polish jewellery producer is seeking commercial agents in Europe, USA and Japan
Deadline: Jun 19, 2022
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Polish jewellery company manufacturing bracelets, necklaces, earrings, clips and pendants from an extensive range of materials including sustainable ones is seeking commercial agents in Europe, USA and Japan.


This jewellery company has been originally set up in Germany more than 65 years ago. Recently, it was sold to one of their co-workers from Poland due to the retirement of the owner, who is still very helpful and supportive. A long tradition, a recognisable brand and a well-established sales network around Germany and the rest of Europe, all together create a very positive picture of a successful business.
The company produces female jewellery mostly for women age 50+. Their product range comprises bracelets, pendants, necklaces, clips and earrings made of various materials and beads. Every item has been designed by their own team of designers. They issue two new collections yearly (for summer and winter) but also manufacture jewellery in short series for their retail & wholesale customers. Moreover, they offer exclusive designs for their biggest clients. Very interesting and vibrant colours, shapes and materials used for the production reflect the uniqueness of their products.
Their jewellery is mostly sold via fashion boutiques, trendy galleries and e-commerce platforms in Germany, other EU countries, Japan and the USA. Currently, they seek new commercial agents in the EU but also the UK, USA and Japan as they see a great demand for their jewellery and very positive reception from customers.

Advantages & innovations

The company uses a wide range of materials including sustainable ones: natural stones, handmade and painted glass, bamboo tree and coconut beads, resin with embedded flowers and pieces of glass, beads made of leather, uniquely shaped wooden elements, porcelain and ceramics, pearls and pearl masses, Swarovski crystals, etc.

Stage of development


Partner sought

A commercial agent having established chain of contact with boutique shops, high fashion stores and e-stores. Terms of co-operation: 15% commission from wholesale price.

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