EIT Community – NEB Booster 2.0
Deadline: Mar 13, 2023
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Public Funding


Project full name: N/A
Project acronym: N/A
Grant agreement number: N/A
Total EU funding available: €1 000 000
Any question can be redirected to: boosterneb@eitdigital.eu
Details are available at: https://www.eitdigital.eu/our-messages/calls-tenders/new-european-bauhaus-booster-2/


The Call process will require the completion of the form on https://www.f6s.com/eit-community-neb-booster-program/.

Submissions that meet all the eligibility requirements will be evaluated according to the criteria published in the Call Guidelines.

EIT Community is calling business that are making available NEB solutions for end-users, cities and regions, and other companies with the aim to developing successful long-term solutions that match the needs of the wider community.

The aim of this Call for proposals is to identify and work with Start-ups integrating simultaneously the three core dimensions of the NEB in their operations, products, and services.

The twenty successful applicants will be welcomed in the EIT Community NEB Booster program that will be tailored to each company.

The program is divided in three phases, with the aim to assess and further develop both the business structure of the company and the New European Bauhaus core values and principle within each organization.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants responding to this call must include the following mandatory requirements:

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