Portuguese SME working in atmospheric sciences with special focus on climate change and mitigation, weather forecasts and risk management offers technical consultancy and digital tools development.
Deadline: Mar 17, 2024
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A Portuguese SME specializing in climate studies, weather forecasts and risk mitigation, with a dedicated team of experts in geography, meteorology and IT development, has extensive knowledge and experience in providing accurate and reliable meteorological solutions to help mitigate the potential risks associated with climate and weather-related events. The SME seeks teams engaged in projects that require climate and meteorology expertise for a commercial agreement with technical assistance.


The Portuguese SME has a team of experts in climate studies, weather forecasts, and climate-risk mitigation and comprises specialists in meteorology, geography and IT development, which allows it to provide technical consultancy services in atmospheric sciences and physical geography. Its expertise is helpful in a variety of domains, including territorial planning, urban planning, risk mitigation, severe weather risk forecast and management, climate change projections and mitigation efforts, and also economic impacts of climate and weather events. They help to mitigate risks associated with climate and weather events and can create digital tools that aid in climate and weather assessment and forecasts. These tools include satellite imagery products, weather charts, forecast algorithms, long-range weather forecasts, visualization tools, and more. All these products can be used to provide increased resilience to adverse climate and weather events and offer economic and social protection from said events. Their team is experienced in developing and implementing solutions to address the challenges posed by climate and weather-related risks. They work collaboratively with clients to design bespoke solutions that are tailored to their specific needs and help them achieving their objectives while also minimizing their exposure to risks associated with climate and weather events. Wanting to expand its network and increase collaborative efforts, they are looking to new opportunities to engage in projects that require climate and meteorology expertise, for a commercial agreement with technical assistance with academic institutions, private companies or from public sector.

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