The Korean Company developing vision AI-based highly immersive video conference software/service seeks commercial and Investment partner
Deadline: Nov 17, 2024
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The Korean company has been delivering software platforms that support innovative video conference services since 2002. The key technology provides scalability, reliability, and efficiency. Adopted AI computer vision technology also gives a truly immersive meeting environment that brings the engagement benefits of in-person meetings to remote meetings. It removes the physical background in real-time, placing all participants on a complete virtual stage without using a greenscreen or chromakey.


They are the only company in the Video communication industry to have a patent technology of multicasting tunneling that saves network resources over a Wide Area Network. The users enjoy the benefits of reducing operating costs and enhancing productivity. The below explains how their multicasting technology can save up to 200% network bandwidth, compared to the traditional unicasting technology, under the same, given condition. A unique server distribution technology brings scalability, high quality and credibility that can support a variety of missions of webinars, live event broadcasting, mass online training and video conferences. They provide easy configuration and deployment of server structures not only for on-premise but also for SaaS. The solutions provide a gaming-changing immersive UX for video-conferencing users who can hide their background and be able to be on a complete virtual stage by AI vision technology, from anywhere and any device. Scalable session breaking out service enhances your productivity of online training. A real-time E-Test feature will also contribute to enhancing productivity as well as efficiency of online training. With a 3D spatial sound system embedded, you can deliver highly immersive sound effects to online audiences of live event broadcasting.

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