A dutch company is looking for an east-european manufacturer of cable harnesses for their medium sized road trucks
Deadline: Jun 5, 2024
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A dutch company is producing medium to large sized road trucks for transport and other specific purposes. For their product portfolio of custom made trucks (in relatively small series) powered by diesel, batteries or hydrogen they are looking for an experienced manufacturer of cable harnesses based on European quality standards. The manufacturer is ideally based in eastern Europe (Poland, Romania, Bulgaria a.o.)


The dutch company, a well known brand with lang historic background, is developing and producing several special trucks for clients in the Netherlands and abroad. The trucks are based on a chassis and drive train of the biggest manufacturer of trucks in the Netherlands. Because the company develops specific tailor made trucks with special characteristics, the existing cable harnasses need to be adapted or actually need to be developed from scratch. The company itself has in-house experience to design prototype and test the correct compilation of wires to a single or multiple branched cable harness, and make adequate and detailed production drawings of it. The company has high quality standards, therefore using mainly Bosch and Tyco Electronics connectors, for EU quality reasons. The company is developing a range of different trucks, with different drive trains based on diesel, electric (batteries) and even on hydrogen powered engines. This gives multiple challenges in the development of cable harnasses. For larger quantities of these special developed cable harnasses, the company is looking for a manufacturer building these (from simple to very complex) cable harnasses on demand in smaller series with European standards on quality. The company is looking for a long term relationship for outsourcing of the production of the cable harnasses

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