Startup offering AI based predictive maintenance industry solutions seeks industry partners and machine manufacturers
Deadline: Jun 7, 2024
Received 0 expressions of interest


A Northern German startup developed a data based predictive maintenance solution for machines that can prevent industry from significant downtimes caused by machine failure. Today, the company targets the automotive-, plastics- and packaging industry, as well as machine manufacturers. The industrial interface “Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture“ (OPC UA) is required for implementation.


Machine or engine failure cause significant damage for industry: Loss of time and loss of a lot of money. Using advanced technologies for predictive maintenance, deteriorations in machinery and equipment can be detected at the onset and preventive measures may be taken before down time occurs. A Northern German startup develops a unique algorithm on the base of probabilistic models that ensures an advantage to any other solution for predictive maintenance of nearly any kind of machine or engine. Based on sensor data, an algorithm combines statistics with neural networks to create a digital twin of the machine. The software detects anomalies at early stage and can predict machine failure up to one week in advance. It can identify the cause of malfunction and continuously supports with automatic condition monitoring. It creates a way more stable and less prone to errors prediction for machine failures, reducing down times of machinery by up to 20%. The startup offers cooperation to machinery manufacturers from EU, US and Asia, that want to integrate the predictive maintenance solution into their machinery or as an add-on feature into their portfolio. Machine manufacturers can benefit from cooperation by gaining a permanent overview of the vitality status of the machines and by offering their customers utmost advanced technology for predictive maintenance, increasing sustainability through optimization of production processes and extension of machinery lifetime thanks to prevention of major damages. Technical cooperation agreements are envisaged.

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