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Deadline: Dec 10, 2021
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Public Funding


Project full name: Space Hubs Network
Project acronym: SUN
Grant agreement number: 101004374
Pre-incubation – 3 months
Pre-acceleration – 6 months
Post-acceleration – 6 months
Total EU funding available: No funding available – all services provided are free of charge
Submission & evaluation process: Submission of proposals via F6S
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At Space Hubs Network (SUN), we encourage the development of sustainable European level initiatives for start-ups and scale-ups. Our main objective is to increase the commercialisation of space-enabled solutions and the growth of European start-ups and scale-ups in the space downstream and upstream sectors.

For two years, SUN will provide various pre-incubation, pre- and post-acceleration support through two Open Calls. With the help of a broad network of experienced mentors, we’ll connect investors and potential clients to the industry, implementing three types of mentoring programs directed to entrepreneurs, and start-ups that will help access funding, develop their ideas, and build relationships with relevant stakeholders in the space industry.

Pre-incubation – aims to support entrepreneurs that have promising business ideas and helping them to reach solutions, preparing and matching them with incubation initiatives. The duration of the programme is three months;

Pre-acceleration – provides help to start-ups to reach a market/solution fit, preparing them to the acceleration stage and/or getting in the most reputable programmes or secure pre-seed investment. The duration of the programme is six months;

Post-acceleration – the objective is to scout and mentor start-ups and scale-ups that already have significant traction and help them to secure seed or series A investment, or sell their products/services to a large number of customers. The duration of the programme is six months.

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