A Romanian retailer of home and garden products is looking for distributors or commercial agents in Europe.
Deadline: Sep 20, 2024
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The Romanian company specialises in retail sales in the area of household goods. They would like to enter new markets and expand their business internationally by signing commercial agreements with European partners.


The 1991 founded Romanian company specialises in retailing. Specifically, they offer clients a wide range of home-/ décor- and garden-related products, as follows, but not exclusively limited to: Interior decoration: • Paints and chemicals; parquet; parquet plinths; parquet accessories; floor tiles; wall tiles; ceramic blocks; washable paints; primer, etc. Home furniture: • Sofas and accessories; armchairs and poufs; dining and desk chairs and accessories; bar stools and benches; tables (dining/ extendable/ round/ desks/ coffee/ side/ folding); storage units (TV stands; chests of drawers; bookcases and vitrines; shelves; bathroom furniture; shoe racks; console tables); bedroom furniture (beds; mattresses; headboards; chests of drawers; bedside tables; benches); kitchen furniture (dining tables; round tables; dining chairs; bar stools and chairs; shelves; splashbacks and wall panels; worktops; kitchen appliances; kitchen islands and trolleys; taps and sinks; kitchen wall storage and organisers; knobs and handles) etc. Outdoor furniture: • Garden tables; garden armchairs and poufs; garden sets; garden chairs; outdoor stools and benches; loungers and deck chairs; garden sofas, etc. Electrical household appliances: • Air conditioners; electric fans; dishwashers; clothes dryers; drying cabinets; freezers; refrigerators; kitchen stoves; water heaters, washing machines; ovens; microwave ovens; induction cookers; vacuum cleaners; cooking appliances; television, etc. Construction materials: • Roofing systems; tile and tile adhesives; plasterboard adhesives; polystyrene adhesives; wall boxes; fences; screeds; insulation; plasterboard boards; oriented strand boards; self-levelling screeds; silicones and contact adhesives; rainwater systems; drinking water pipes; metal pipes; PVC pipes; plasters; mortars, etc. Protection gear: • Protective strips; tool belts; boots; protection foils; protective gloves; protective glasses; anti-bird netting; shade nets; canvases, etc. Hardware and assembly parts: • Hinges; door latches; screwdriver heads; wrenches; mailboxes; construction nails; cornering; dowels; cable tensioner; screwdrivers; locks; bearing wheels; latches, etc. Terracotta stoves, heating systems and accessories: • Stove accessories; chimney caps; steel radiators; stove grills; fireplaces and heating systems; terracotta stoves; hood tubes, etc. Paints and chemicals: • Brushes; primer; varnish for wood; painting brushes; washable base paint for colouring; interior washable paint; exterior washable paint; decorative and mosaic plaster; roller, etc. Tools and implements: • Welding machines; atomizers; concrete mixers; electric drills and screwdrivers; drill bits; pliers; tool boxes; spades; wheelbarrow cameras; hammers; compressors; diamond discs; tile and pipe cutters; pressure washing equipment; electric saws; scissors; ropes; level hoses; fast rope; masonry buckets; stencil grills; generators; trowels; rakes; levers; chainsaws; patents; paint guns; pumps and hydrophores; electric grinders; drill brushes; files; glue guns; spray guns; silicone presses; roulette; hoes; ladders; grinders; emery; palette knifes, etc. As can be seen from the above-mentioned description, the retailer brings together under one umbrella an array of indoor and outdoor products from a number of different manufacturers, which serve a diversity of home-oriented scopes. From this point of view, potential partners find themselves in the advantageous situation of “handpicking” items of interest from one single provider. The Romanian company is interested in expanding internationally on new markets by signing commercial agreements. They are specifically interested in channels of entry through commercial agents able to commercialise their products successfully in their local or regional area. The desired outcome of the partnership is to sell their home and garden variety of products in European countries through national agents.

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