A Dutch company is looking for new ways or technologies to connect the pipes for their cooling systems faster and more efficiently without welding or soldering.
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Deadline: Jul 23, 2022
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A Dutch company is specialised in refrigeration technology. For the installation and maintenance of the cooling systems, the company is looking for new ways or technologies to connect the pipes faster without welding or soldering; so that the site is closed for less time during the activities. A technical cooperation agreement or a license agreement is aimed for. This technology request is part of an innovation challenge.


A Dutch company designs, installs and maintains projects in the field of refrigeration technology, climate technology, electrical technology and industrial kitchen technology in retail and hospitality. The company has characterized itself for many years as a reliable, sustainable, brand-independent and flexible company that operates nationally. The company is always looking for innovative solutions for their customers.

Presently, iron-reinforced copper pipes with a maximum diameter of 50 mm are used for the cooling installations. CO2 (Carbon dioxide) flows through the pipes in liquid or gaseous form under high pressure and temperature. The maximum working pressure must be 120 bar. The CO2 also contains oil from the compressor. The system must be vapor diffusion tight.
Currently, the pipes are soldered together on site, which takes a relatively long time. In most cases the site (e.g. supermarkets and shops) must be closed, which is far from ideal.

The company is now looking for technologies to connect the pipes more quickly without welding or soldering, so that the site is closed for less time during renovation. Part of the solution could be that the prefabrication time at the company in the workshop is longer and the installation time on site is therefore shorter.

The basic question is: “how can the company quickly connect pipes of a CO2 cooling installation without soldering or welding?”

The company is looking for technical partners experienced in the field of joining techniques of pipelines, such as the iron-reinforced copper pipes.
The company aims for a technical cooperation agreement to develop and/or apply new joining solutions for pipes. When serving the purpose also other agreements can be envisioned.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This technology request is part of an innovation challenge and is published on an open innovation platform from the 12th of July. Closing date will be end of August. In due time, the exact date will be communicated on the platform.
If an organization does express interest in collaboration with this company, it will be guided through this open innovation platform and be introduced to the company’s experts. Mind that posts on this platform are not confidential.
Next step is that the company will select the SMEs with whom they would like to cooperate in the development of the solution.

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The organization is looking for technical partners, SMEs, inventors and academia for the further (co-)development of innovative joining techniques of pipes. Partners can contribute: - If partners understand connection techniques, this collaboration can perfect their existing connection technique. - Partners can tap into a new market via the company. Why partners shouldn't miss this challenge: - Developing new applications for existing techniques - Interesting network. - Possibilities for experiments. Disciplines needed: - Process technology in combination with specific properties of materials. - Materials knowledge in the field of CO2 with high pressures and temperatures that oil also has an influence on.

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