EIT Digital Innovation Factory 2022
Deadline: Nov 15, 2022
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Public Funding


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Grant agreement number: N/A
Total EU funding available: €3 000 000 in 2022
www.eitdigital.eu/InnovationFactory2022 / marina.samoylova@eitdigital.eu


Applicants can submit their proposals at any moment in time throughout 2022, with 3 pre-defined cut off dates for evaluation: March 1, June 1, and November 15, 2022.

There are three gated evaluations, for each proposal, to reach a final decision. Each Gate decision supersedes the previous one.

Throughout 2022, EIT Digital Innovation Factory is looking for world-class digital DeepTech activities led by teams with powerful entrepreneurial drive, to support the next generation of digital companies that can impact Europe and the world’s challenges. The Innovation Factory 2022 programme supports pan-European entrepreneurial teams from education, research, and business organisations, to launch or boost digital DeepTech ventures in one of the following focus areas: Digital Tech, Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing and Digital Finance.

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