Danish company seeks partners to unleash creativity with their new innovative multiplayer 3D animation tool.
Deadline: Nov 27, 2024
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A Danish company has developed a multiplayer 3D animation tool and seeks partners that are already working with selling educational tools to schools.


The learning and animation tool is a web-based game-like multiplayer learning tool developed by the Danish company. The learning and animation tool is a platform that allows pupils (in schools with pupils aged 6-16 years) to create and play stunning 3D stories, using avatars, voice, and lots of 3D assets. Pupils and/or teachers can choose from a variety of ready-made scenarios, or design his/her own, covering topics such as language, culture, history, science, business, and more. Settings, characters, props, and sounds can be customized to suit the learning objectives and preferences. The learning and animation tool is more than just a game. It is a powerful pedagogical tool that fosters active learning, critical thinking, communication, creativity, and empathy. It can be used as a tool for dramatic inquiry, a teaching method that uses drama as a way of exploring and understanding complex issues and situations. It can be used for translanguaging, or it can be used as an alternative to pen and paper. The only limit is the teachers´ imagination. The learning and animation tool allows teachers to immerse the pupils in realistic and meaningful contexts, where they can apply their knowledge and skills, and learn from their actions and consequences. In Denmark, the Danish company has partnered with a leading company in providing learning and communication tools to Danish schools and educational institutions. This leading reseller company offers the learning and animation tool to all their customers. This means that the learning and animation tool is now available in more than 90% of Danish Schools. Thanks to this collaboration, the learning and animation tool has become a popular choice for enhancing pupils’ creativity and engagement. The Danish company seeks partners in the EU, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore. Please have a look at the attached pictures.

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